Classic Interior Design Trends for 2024 by ASASA
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    Classic Interior Design Trends for 2024 by ASASA


    Classic Interior Design Trends for 2024 by ASASA

    2022 has been one crazy year for all of us. Each year comes with new trends to make your house look like paradise. Your home is the place you return to when you get tired at work. A beautifully designed home can make you forget all your stress just with a glimpse. I am sure we all want to give our home an out of the world look. But for that, we must be updated with the latest interior design trends that follow each year.

    Natural Components:

    We saw a lot of techs featuring designs flooding the market in . But in , we will move towards more unique natural elements such as stones and granites. Yes, you heard it right Interior Design Trends  will be morefocus on natural elements. These components will add to the ambiance of your house, showcasing the natural beauty around you. A lot of natural features are combined with luxury to give your home a sleek look.

    Natural designs were more in demand in previous year. Materials obtained from nature or artificial nature elements were in trend. It will give a more realistic look to your house. You can use natural wood with a combination of pebbles, granite, or even marble. The same way fresh plants will not only give you an essence of freshness but will also be a source of fresh oxygen. Natural components are becoming more popular in home renovations in Toronto.

    Source: Pinterest

    The Reappearance of Black

    When it comes to interior design, black has always remained an all-time favorite in home additions in Toronto. According to our professional interior designers, black has made a massive comeback. Interior Design Trends , Black painting, black sofa, and black walls, it’s back all over again. The ability of black to blend in with different colors is what makes it worth using. You can have many great color combinations that will wow your guests for sure. There has always been a misconception that black makes a room look small. But our interior designers revealed that using the right contrast and combinations with black can enhance the overall look. Black and white go together just like moon and stars.

    Source: Pinterest

    DIY Decorations and Ceramics

    Previous year summers were brimming with organic style hand made ceramics. According to home designers in Toronto, it is an economical way to save your self the right amount of money on all luxury decorations. Some of these are simple to make. There plenty of handmade decoration pieces available in the market at reasonable prices. The DIY decorations will not only enhance your artistic side but will also be giving your house a contemporary look you always wanted.

    Source: Pinterest

    Vintage Lights

    Vintage lights were out of the scene for a long time until previous year. They came in with a bang. Now the old bulbs are out of style, making vintage lights the best option in the market. The modern French or Italian designs with their eloquent cues are becoming more in demand.  Modern LED chandeliers are also trending due to their traditional and artistic look that makes your house look dandy.

    Source: Pinterest

    The Emergence of Contemporary Cabinets

    Dark and Cherrywood days are long gone. Now the contemporary kitchen cabinets have completely changed how kitchens look. It is not as bleak as matte black or brass or copper, but it can give fixtures a nice touch. There is a huge range of designs and colors available in the market for you to choose from. Brands like Ball and Farrow have taken an initiative to evolve the cabinet industry ultimately. Kitchen designers in Toronto prefer contemporary kitchen cabinets as they provide more storage space.

    Source: Pinterest

    The Exclusive Living Coral Look

    The living coral has been crowned the color of previous year. It’s a warm and pleasant color that can enlighten our homes. This bright hue can be used in many fun ways. This color is buoyant for interiors. It is a piece of cake to infuse coral with other accessories, e.g., lamps, wall arts, and pillows. You can take your creativity level one step ahead by playing with this color and making new contrasts.

    Source: Pinterest

    Velvet: A Rich Textile

    Velvet was more prominent as compared to previous years. It creates a sense of warmth, especially during the winter season. Once it was known as a royalty fabric, but with time went old school. In previous year velvet made a comeback as a luxurious and comfortable fabric. There’s a  wide range of exorbitant colors in velvet. There is an extensive range of velvet products available for you to choose from bedsheets to curtains and sofas.

    Source: Pinterest

    The Return of Wallpapers

    In previous year wallpapers became trendy again. Forget those plain old walls as companies have introduced some jaw-dropping wallpaper designs. Adding wallpaper is a wonderful way to add life to the dull spaces around your home. This year the wallpapers were trendier than ever before. Famous wallpaper designs for previous year included colorful geometric patterns, abstract shapes, and landscape scenery. Commercial designers in Toronto prefer wallpapers over regular paint.

    Source: Pinterest

    Mid-Century Modern

    Mid-century modern art never fades away. It is growing in popularity as we age. So there is no denying that we see mid-century art almost everywhere in one way or another. Hotels, parks, churches, and bars with mid-century art are abundant. If it is combined with modern techniques. It can give you a breathtaking interior.

    Source: Pinterest

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