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    ASASA Construction has all the home addition services you are looking for in Toronto. Book your appointment today and avail this service.

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    Home Additions Contractor

    ASASA Construction is a Home Additions Contractor in Toronto. We have been providing commercial and residential remodeling services in Toronto and the GTA region. We have more than ten years of experience in massive grade rebuilds, Custom planned homes, and Home Additions in Toronto. We offer home addition contractors for our clients to make their vision a reality.

    Working with our team will assure you that your home addition contractors are reliable from thought to finish and directed by a project manager excited about what they do. We aim to provide satisfactory services and finish the job within the guaranteed time and financial plan.

    Have you and your family ever thought of enlarging your home? Choosing a home addition can be an exceptional choice rather than moving out, even if you're only looking to incorporate a garage. Whether you get ahead of getting a sunroom or need to add some parking space, ASASA Construction a top rated renovation contractors provides the best home renovation services in Toronto.

    Home Addition Contractors

    Home Addition Contractors

    ASASA Construction has a wide range of expert home addition contractors. Whether current-day or traditional designing, every detail is considered to ensure the new construction combines with the current one.

    We Specify in Home Additions and House Renovations

    ASASA Construction will work with you to strategize and construct your dream home. From organizing and planning, through assurance and licenses, right to arrangements, booking, and advancement, ASASA Construction will take you through each step and be your go-to team for everything related to your Home Addition project!

    What Type of Home Addition Services Do We Bid?

    What Type of Home Addition Services Do We Bid?

    Home additions come in all forms and sizes. Besides having the alternative to pick your home renovation, we'll incorporate your opinion throughout the renovation process. Here are the different sorts of home addition services we offer.

    Ordinary Home Addition

    A customary home addition is usually a multi-room development. Whether a single-level addition or if you're looking to expand your home into the yard, we offer the best. Depending upon your monetary arrangement, our team of contractors and designers provide a thorough plan for your home addition and walk you down options like including a basement or getting plumbing services done too. Although such developments are usually expensive, they have an unbelievable level of benefit. Reach us today for your free virtual meeting



    Sunroom additions are exceptional. They make your house look spacious and let in a lot of sunlight to make the room look a lot brighter. There are various kinds of sunrooms we offer. Depending on when you'd like to utilize the sunroom the entire year-round or simply during summers, we'll keep your requirements in check. Reliant on your necessities, you can settle on a four-or three-season sunroom, a solarium, or even a screened deck. Each option requires an extra amount of work, and sunroom costs will change.


    Adding a parking space or a carport to your home is seen as a home addition option. Even though you most likely will not live in it, the carport will be utilized in one way or another.

    Second Story

    You might require one since you finally expect to have a studio where you can do some woodwork or possibly as a spot to store your family things. People choose to get a garage space to park their vehicles when the environment outside isn't so great.

    Second Story

    Your home addition contractors might include a second story. Possibly you need to go with this endeavor, so everyone has their rooms, or you might even change your property into a bi-generational one by including the following story.

    ASASA Construction – A Company You Can Trust

    ASASA Constructions is getting the trust of many customers. Now it's your turn to give us a chance.

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    Before & After Home Addition

    Below are some of our before and after home addition services. Check out the pictures below.


    The owners of this property have canines and had quite recently begun their family, so getting a little lively grass there was vital for them. Be that as it may, we likewise utilized decayed stone and rock for a large number of the pathways, which repeats the stone holding dividers too.


    Patio Addition

    We utilized a big plan for the BBQ area, then, at that point, selected stone dividers to make porches. We removed the vast majority of the stones from the property. Moreover, the wood that makes the fencing screens and the section entryways were processed from trees on the property labeled for evacuation.

    Greater isn't in every case better

    The first chimney missed the mark in contrast with the high roofs, and its lively stone facade projected profoundly into the encompassing seating regions. We hoisted and broke the chimney and fireplace to make them less noticeable. Presently, a substantial cutting-edge hearth is topped by the white shiplap that covers the dividers of the whole living space.

    Why You Need Home Addition

    Why You Need Home Addition

    There are no off-base purposes behind home expansions on the off chance you have the spending plan and space for it. If you'd like to expand or add additional elements to your home, then this kind of redesign can save you from the hassle of moving. This is mainly a bonus if you love the locality you presently live in.

    As a rule, there are three essential explanations behind home additions, and the vast majority can be characterized as one of these classifications. Home additions increase the value of your home and are a great source of satisfaction when it comes to showing your creativity. Not only does it give your home value, luxury, and convenience, but it also gives you a chance to add a few of your ideas.

    Growing families

    Growing families

    It's an obvious fact that kids like to have their own space at a specific age. Maybe your youngsters were fine sharing a room when they were young, however presently, they require more autonomy. Or then again, perhaps you currently have more kids or step kids residing in your home than you did a couple of years prior. Adding room or two can save your family from the concordance.

    Another reason why families are getting greater these days because parents are generally coming to live with their kids. While there are many advantages to this kind of plan, it can begin to feel congested sooner or later. By adding a room or even a whole granny suite, guardians or other relatives can have their own space, and however, it permits them to feel more at ease.

    Growing necessities

    Growing necessities

    Throughout your life, the necessities of you and your family will change. Maybe you need a carport to shield your vehicle or for additional capacity. Perhaps you want to invest more energy at home and want to have a sunroom. Or then again, maybe you are engaging more and require a more oversized kitchen. Or perhaps you're telecommuting and need a different office space where customers can visit without strolling through your residing room.

    If you feel like any area of your house isn't addressing your necessities, then, at that point, it is typical to think about having more space. Adding at least one room to your house is one way of meeting those developing requirements.

    Increasing pay

    Increasing pay

    At times, thinking of a home addition may become a dire need, and that's alright. As your pay develops, you might end up in a situation where you want to make changes that you have needed for quite a while.

    This sort of redesign can add more comfort to your house. However, it can likewise fundamentally add to your home's esteem.Since loan costs are insufficient at the present moment, this could be the ideal chance to exploit them and get that additional room that you've consistently needed.

    While there are many purposes behind home increments, the main explanation is that you have a specific vision for your home that you might want to see in reality. Whatever your motivation, the expert team at ASASA Construction is here to help. Call us today for a free consultation.

    Quiet Building Experience

    Why Choose Us

    Quiet Building Experience

    We offer the best service that allows you to see the value in the experience of building and renovating. Our Project Managers ensure all your home addition requirements are finished on schedule while keeping you refreshed throughout the renovation process.

    Full-Service Design-Build Solutions

    We help you through each step of the plan devised, from essential viability study, planning requirements, designing drawings, strategy, permit sections, and the board's development. From thought to finish, we can make your dream home a reality.

    Guaranteed Pricing And Timelines

    Guaranteed Pricing And Timelines

    Something we regard most is our careful development measure and listed financials. Our experts assure you of a remarkable turnaround to help us stay on time and stick to the financial plan.

    Do not just allow any Home Addition Contractors access to handle your home extension project. Trust the experts at ASASA Construction.



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