The Essential Commercial Renovation Checklist
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    The Essential Commercial Renovation Checklist


    The Essential Commercial Renovation Checklist

    When considering a new constriction project, it is natural to be anticipated and excited about the construction stage. If you want to ensure that the new building project completes your satisfaction, it is essential to consider some factors and commercial renovation checklist even before you initiate the design and construction of the new place. Knowing everything on the list can be hard as you don’t take new building projects daily.  You will need a space that is not just functional and visually pleasing nut; you will also want a space that fits your business needs. So you might potentially have clients and customers coming to your area as well as other employees and operations that you need to accommodate.

    Perhaps even more challenging, you will have to anticipate your company’s growth. You may be leaving your current space because you’ve already outgrown your existing space, or are worried that day will soon come. Deciding what size and layout of the area would be best for your growing business will involve a significant amount of planning.

    Office Renovation

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    Don’t Rush

    It is easy to imagine fixing and replacing everything. Throe the old out and bring the new in that’s the idea in your mind, right? Before you get all caught up in the idea that everything must leave, as certain to analyze every aspect of your office before you finally set off to carve a design. If it does not require to be replaced, just done replace it simple.  Think about how to wisely use the place and make sure that you create a balance between everything. Ask your workers for their input about office renovation; it will make them feel at home and much more comfortable working. They may have noticed something that you might have overlooked.

    Summarize Your Design

    Knowing your project goals beforehand is a great way to start, but it’s not the sole step in the design summary. This step needs a lot of digging to get the most out of the renovation, such as carrying out a workplace appraisal or even searching for other buildings if you decide to move your business somewhere else. During this step, you should think about what technology requirements and storage requirements are as well as if you are deciding to go green.

    Have a Team Ready by You

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    Doing a commercial project alone means more work and more stress, so why not avoid all this and just get yourself a team that can help you handle everything, such as ASASA Construction. Reach out to the workers for assistance, and you can even make one of them the team leader or the leader of the project. Hire a sleek interior designer too. Go for a contractor that is experienced, financially stable, and accredited.

    Fix a Budget

    Before you start spending, you will have to do the cost analysis. Make sure to get quotes from the designer detailed with estimated costs and based on office space as this will provide you an idea of what you will spend and give you a good to go if you need to take some measures to lower the final cost.

    Choose a Theme

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    This is the exciting part. Selecting a theme is what it takes your office from dull to aesthetically pleasing. You can go for a modern contemporary look or even the classic approach. Whatever you want, make sure to get your workers on it and respect their feedback. Search for ideas similar to your theme– see how others are able to create the same theme in their workspace. Discuss the theme with your designers as well; they will be able to construct a mood board for you to get a feeling of everything.

    Make the Most Out of Your Space

    How you organize your new office will create a huge difference in how efficiently you are able to use your space. Going beyond placement, assure that your design accommodates office standards and be aware of the legal requirements for your design. You may also want to think if you will need communication cabling and if there is room to potentially grow.

    Furniture is the Key

    Internal fittings and furniture are what’s going to stick this entire project together. It is as important as it is to match the style of the theme; it’s just as essential that you choose reliable products. Go for something familiar. You can always go to a showroom or warehouse to check out the latest products before deciding. Are you thinking of going green? Put your money in energy-saving equipment and double glazed windows, which minimize the electricity cost of air-conditioning.

    F&B Renovations

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    Restaurant renovation is a serious task. The way the restaurant looks will determine what your customers will think about your brand and your food. The restaurant’s exterior and interior create the first impression of the quality of your restaurant in your customer’s mind. Moreover, renovating a restaurant can be expensive and you can not just undo the renovations if you feel that they are not like what you expected. So, if you are thinking about renovating your restaurant, here is a checklist that will help you successfully renovate your restaurant.

    Start with a Plan

    While thinking of a great way to renovate your restaurant, you must analyze your restaurant with a good plan. Analyze how several brands have successfully achieved their goals after their renovation. Talk to your peers and get your customers for their feedback. You can also acquire help from a survey company or a brand management specialist. The plan created after considering realistic data will not only be foolproof but will also be welcomed by your customers. At the same time, make sure that the key concept of your restaurant is not lost in the renovation unless re-branding your image is the target. Think about your target audience, concept, brand image, and format before finalizing any changes.

    Combine Your Plan With the Restaurant’s Vision And Functionality

    There is tough competition in the restaurant space. You don’t only require to set up your vision and functional specialty, but also assure that your restaurant’s ambiance blends with these two perspectives of your brand.

    Create a Budget

    One of the most important things in the restaurant renovation checklist is setting your budget. Remodeling projects always come with a hefty price. They also influence your profits so, setting up a budget for your restaurant requires special attention and sometimes, professional assistance. Hire an expert if you are not experienced enough in planning your budget.

    Select the Right Architect, Designer or Contractor

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    Restaurant renovation may need special considerations related to lighting, wiring, heating, air conditioning, painting, ventilation systems, water, parking, and many other factors. Hence, lo theirok for experts who have worked on same projects before. Ask for references from places they have worked at in the past, check their online reviews and scroll over their previous sites to measure their quality of work.

    Prioritize the Important Problems 

    At times during the restaurant renovation process, the appeal of aesthetics might be too strong and win over the convenience of your customers. However, important problems should always be taken care of as a first priority.

    For example, if you have problems like a leaking basin or congested parking, address them first and then slide to other improvements.

    Keep Track of the Latest Trends

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    This renovation checklist would be incomplete without putting emphasis on the requirement to look at relevant trends. If you have not renovated for years, you might require a complete redo rather than add just a minute renovations. Analyze the latest trends in the industry and come up with a renovation plan that is modern and also differentiates you from the competitors. Even if you own a traditional family restaurant business, you can still mix the new-age facilities and technologies in your renovation plan.

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