8 Exclusive Garage Remodeling Ideas by ASASA Construction
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    8 Exclusive Garage Remodeling Ideas by ASASA Construction


    8 Exclusive Garage Remodeling Ideas by ASASA Construction

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    As we enter 2021, the garage isn’t just a garage now. As the economy boosts and salaries rise, people are getting more creative when it comes to home renovations. Families are outgrowing in several ways, so people are looking for more living space. You have to make sure that it looks as natural as possible and a part of your home rather than a converted garage. It will greatly impact the cost of your home. ASASA Constructions provides best garage remodeling ideas.

    Converting the Space to Revamp your Complete Layout


    Source: Pinterest

    This garage was converted into a living space transforming the complete layout of the house. It created enough space to transform a small kitchen into a complete kitchen and living space. In the first meeting with the client, we decided to redesign the kitchen. There was a door leading to the laundry room. The stairs lead to the bedroom and a study room. Our architectures made sure that that the design incorporates well with the rest of the house. We managed to successfully introduce a living room without messing with the design of the kitchen. For the flooring, we chose hardwood flooring to match the color of the walls.

    ASASA aims to taken garage conversions to a whole new level. Our team of top-notch experts is sure to make your dreams come true. We make home remodeling in Toronto as easy as a piece of cake.

    Garage Conversion to a Home Office


    Source: Pinterest

    This office is a conversion from scratch to a garage. The owner wanted it as natural as possible. Here we substituted the garage door with the sliding glass door. The concept was to get as much sunlight as possible with fresh air. Te two folding metal doors to serve as a privacy guard from the driveway. Plants gave it a more natural look. The plants perfectly blend in with the hardwood flooring and the wooden cabinets giving it a sleek appearance.

    Furthermore, we added a few shelves to give some storage space in the office. We added modern lights to enhance the lights and tend to be more energy-efficient. We lifted the roof to such an angle that the south-facing skylight strip increases the interiors light.  Many renovation companies in Toronto are offering high-end garage remodeling ideas and services, but ASASA Construction tops. It is because of their high-end

    Garage Converted into a Fully Functional Kitchen


    Source: Pinterest

    The idea behind this masterpiece was to utilize the place in the best possible way. Our team sat with the family and carved down all the possibilities. Finally, we decided to turn this garage into a fully functional kitchen. We used white as a base color and laminated hardwood flooring to add style to the kitchen. Multiple cabinets and drawers provide sufficient storage space. White countertops made a perfect blend. Moreover, modern lights used to reduce electrical output. We also added sockets and plugs where needed. A yellow splash placed behind the stove gave it a classy look. To top it off, we used black appliances to make a magnificent blend. We went for the stainless steel sink due to its durability.

    Garage Converted to a Multi-Functional Room


    Source: Pinterest

    Where there was a garage once now children run. Our team sat with the house owners to have an idea of what they wanted. The couple had twins, and they wanted a safe place for them to play. On the other side, they lacked a dining area. Our experts brainstormed and were able to canvas what the couple wanted — a dining area combined with kids’ play area. We used carpeting as flooring, so provide more comfort and safety for the kids. We carved a window to provide natural light and fresh air. A pearl white dining table with a glass top was our priority; to blend it in, we gave the stools a perfect contrast of yellow. We made sure that there is sufficient storage for the kids to store their toys. We used led lights to light up the place as they come with great benefits.

    Garage Converted to a Personal Gym


    Source : Pinterest

    In the initial meeting, we had with our client told us that he’s an athlete and needs a personal workout place. We added a pull-down door to get as much natural light and fresh air as possible.  In the base, we added to concrete to make sure that it supports the weight of the heavy machines. We added carpets to give it a versatile look. At the back of the gym, we added a hardwood splash to give it a style. In the end, we used led lights to brighten it up. Renovation services in Canada are getting more and more affordable with a lot of market competition. They strive to keep with the rapid pace of the current market.

    Garage Converted to a Dining Room


    Source: Pinterest

    In this one, we wanted to create something jaw-dropping. The clients wanted something that will leave their guests mesmerized. Our experts sat together with the family to have a look at what they had in mind. After a thorough discussion with the house owners, we came up with this gem of a dining room. We kept white as our base color. For the flooring, we went for maple hardwood floorings as they are more in style these days.

    We made a fireplace to keep the dining warm during winter days. We gave it a bit of natural essence. A cherrywood dining table was a perfect idea keeping in mind the factors that it’s durable and easy to clean.   We used white chairs to blend in with the energy-efficient, and they tend to produce more light. Wall paintings were added more colors to our project. It reflects that the owners have a special love for the paintings’ environment. Modern black lighting gave it a more modern look. Modern lights tend to be more efficient and energy-saving. We even carved out a glass window to allow more natural light to enter the dining.

    Garage Converted to a High-end Living Room

    Source: Pinterest

    In this one, the plan was to create a master living room. The owner’s idea was to make it simple and sleek. Laminated wooden flooring was the preference. A white tv table made it a more amazing look. Grey and brown couches gave it a perfect contrast. We used Led lights again because of the quality to save energy. We painted the walls grey. The classical lamps made the whole living room look amazing. With hard work, our team managed to ace this beautiful living room.

    Converting a Garage into a Bedroom

    Source: Pinterest

    In the first meeting with the client, we discussed what idea the client had in her mind. She was clear that she wanted to convert this garage into a tiny bedroom, as white was her favorite color, so we decided to surprise her. As for the flooring, we went for the maple wood wooden floor. She needed extra storage space so for that; we added multiple cabinets. The white sofa went perfectly well with the color. We were able to add a small washroom. We added a sliding door to allow maximum air passage and natural light.

    Renovating your garage can be a hustle, but with a few measures, you can do wonders. For families with a limited budget, it’s the best way to extend their house. ASASA Constructions provide the best home renovations in Canada. The team of our professionals is capable of doing wonders.

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