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    Bathroom Renovation in Mississauga

    Bathroom Renovations – Serving Mississauga And The GTA

    Limited time offer

    $3,000 cashback

    Exp. Dec
    31st 2023
    • Build From
    • All-Inclusive: Design, Construction, Materials
    • Built by trusted in house professionals
    • New bathroom in one week*

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    Why Choose Us

    It's simple. We are a client-focused renovation contractor driven by the wish to deliver exceptional results that meet our customer's aesthetic, functional and timing requirements.

    Client Focus

    Client Focus

    Through the conceptualization of the design phase and right through construction until the final handover, it's your style, needs, and dreams that will drive the project.

    Structural Works

    Structural Works

    ASASA Construction is upheld by a team of renovation contractors and authorized designers. Our architects will evaluate any underlying work and load-bearing divider.



    ASASA Construction provides new and unique designs that you are looking for in your project. Our experts will help you get the best design that suites your project.



    We love delivering beautiful spaces, but eventually, homes will be lived in, and livability demands functionality.

    Our Services

    Offering Modified And High Quality Construction and Renovation Services

    Real Success For Us Is Your Satisfaction, Happiness, and Trust In Us.

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    About Us
    About Us

    Let Us Help You Build Your Dreams

    ASASA Constriction is Toronto's best renovation contractor, we honestly think constructing or remodeling a house is an encounter and a cycle, the two of which ought to be straightforward, and charming. We love working with our esteemed customers, individuals whose quality, administration, trustworthiness, and feel matter profoundly

    Irrespective of whether you're searching for a way, is unreliable on the off coincidental that you have the resources to pursue after your project, or you're prepared to begin the cycle, ASASA Construction is here to help you in construction and renovation of your commercial and residential area. Want to save time, reduce cost and stay on time? Reach us today for your free virtual meeting.

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    FAQ Questions
    You have questions – we have answers
    • How do I find a good contractor in Toronto?

      Verifying references is crucial, regardless of whether you have personal recommendations for a contractor or renovator. Professional contractors or tradespeople should possess a City of Toronto Trades License as a building renovator or in a specific construction sub-trade (such as heating, plumbing, insulation installation, etc.

    • What questions should I be asking my contractor?

      Discover the contractor's journey into the business—uncover when and how they entered the industry. Delve into the company's history, exploring its establishment date and longevity. Inquire about the contractor's background, seeking insights into their education and training. It's crucial to ensure the renovator possesses both technical expertise and strong business skills, ensuring the capability to run a reputable company and deliver top-notch services.

    • In Toronto, how can I find a reliable contractor?

      It's imperative to verify the references of a contractor or renovator, regardless of your acquaintance with them, for references. Expert tradespeople or contractors need to possess a City of Toronto Trades License in the capacity of a building renovator or a sub-trader in construction (installers of insulation, heating, and plumbing, for example).

    • For residential renovation, How much does a contractor cost in Toronto?

      Project        Cost Variance

      Drywall Installation (Ceiling)        $3 - $4 per sqft

      Taping and Mudding        $3.50 – $4.50 per sqft of drywal

      Flooring (Vinyl, Laminate, and Hardwood)      $2.50 – $10.50 per sqft

      Flooring (Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles)      $15 – $25 sqft

    • How do I decide whether to renovate?

      Consider the financial aspects. For many, the budget is a key factor in the decision to renovate or relocate. If finding temporary housing during renovations is necessary, weigh the costs to determine if renting elsewhere is financially feasible during this period.



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