Save Money on Trendy Countertops for Kitchen & Bathroom

Most Homeowners are familiar with quartz, Caesarstone, and tile kitchen countertops, but there is a lot more that’s still unexplored by many homeowners. A sleek countertop assures that your guests are bamboozled. Here we have a list of materials that are sure to enhance your knowledge about countertop materials.

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Granite Countertop:

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Granite has been a famous choice for kitchen remodels over the past few years as it comes in different color schemes and finishes.

  • Granite is considered to be a hard surface, thus making it prone to scratches and bears normal wear and tear in a great way.
  • It also handles the heat well, so placing a hot pot on the surface will not damage it. Granite countertops are very porous and require proper sealing and regularly clean to prevent staining.

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Engineered Quartz:

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Engineered quartz has been a kitchen pioneer for the last couple of years. It is a mixture of ground quartz, resin, and pigments to build a non-porous material.

  • As quartz is non-porous, so staining is not a problem here.
  • With a variety of colors, quartz has become a popular option, but the costs can be a little abrupt, and the surface is not as resistant to heat as granite.


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The materials you can use for this vary from retro wood to bamboo and bioglass. This option is for the client s who want the complete nature-friendly renovation.

  • There are tradeoffs, and just because recycled countertops are eco-friendly.
  • It does not mean that they are earth-friendly as well. The store does not have to move from material creation to manufacturing.

Plastic Laminate:

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Laminates still in the run when it comes to kitchen remodels. Here is a huge variety of customizable edges and finishes, and it is economical. If your property is rented and you want to stay within budget while having low maintenance, laminate is probably a great option for your kitchen remodel. Plastic laminates tend to be long-lasting and more durable. Laminate greatly lowers the cost of a new kitchen.

Recycled Cement and Glass:

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Recycled cement and glass are one of those profound trends in countertops that are starting to move towards the mainstream. The combo of these two materials blended into one makes for one beautiful, colorful slab state of the art. If you are going for a sleek theme, this countertop might be the perfect choice for your aesthetic kitchen.

Marble Countertop:

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Marble has been recognized as one of those classy materials that are very popular, and it shows no signs of fading. If you have a white kitchen, you will move to marble to create that dreamy white kitchen that embraces those magazines. Marble is a softer stone that is prone to scratches and stains easily.

Concrete Countertop:

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Concrete is a new addition to kitchen remodels and has started to become popular. These countertops contain dyes and pigments and can be customized to various colors and textures. Once it gets sealed its looks amazing and durable.

Stainless Steel:

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Want to have the feels of a Master Chef in your kitchen? Try to add some stainless steel countertops. Steel is a great choice because it’s nonstaining, heat resistant, and simple to clean. This countertop can push your kitchen design to a high-end look with a mix of high-end industrial restaurants with traditional kitchen design.

Wooden Countertop:

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Wood countertops might not be the most common choice for the homeowners; however, butcher block countertops look great in any kitchen remodel.  The quality of the wood you opt and the right sealer to create the difference when you are selecting your wood countertop to make it look warm and inviting.

Zinc Countertop:

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Zinc countertops are not much popular in modern kitchens, but this exclusive metal can give your kitchen an industrial feel. A great way to blend traditional design and industrial to the new kitchen remodel.


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Soapstone, the name says it all. This hard surface is 50% talc mixed with other minerals; mostly, magnesite provides this surface with a soapy texture.

  • Soapstone is heat resistant, non-porous, and it is chemically neutral, so acids like lemon or tomato juice will not cause problems.
  • It is an almost a soft, hard surface, so its scratchable and would need to be resealed every year.


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  • Copper is not so common, but it is easy and simple to maintain and clean. It is a “living” surface, and it reacts to different materials.
  • It looks beautiful in any kitchen but be ready for it to change colors when it reacts to various chemicals.

Kitchen renovation can be pretty fun but can cost you a fortune if you don’t have the prior knowledge and research.

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