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How to Choose the Material for Kitchen Countertops?

We at ASASA Constructions has been dealing with Kitchen Countertops for more than a decade. We understand that countertops are an essential part of your kitchen. We make sure they are durable and, at the same time, enhances your kitchen's beauty. ASASA Constructions is a Licensed and Insured Company, and we are committed to providing high-quality products. Our design and installations services are world-class; we deliver the best quality product and services with our customer-oriented approach.  

We provide high-quality Kitchen Countertops in Toronto and GTA Area. We have an enormous variety of Quartz, Marble, and Granite Kitchen Countertops. We provide complete consultations from selecting the material to designing countertops that complements your Kitchen theme.

We understand that renovating a kitchen is a difficult task. Replacing the countertops require money and effort, whereas choosing the right material and style that suits your needs and go with your theme is very important. To choose the best, you should always consult a professional and get complete consultation.

While searching for the right kitchen d├ęcor and countertops, numerous customers are amazed by countertops' selections. From excessively dull to extremely elaborate, a countertop that doesn't fit your kitchen's theme diminishes the kitchen's general appearance. Choosing the correct material, style, and shading are critical to the home's general worth. Simultaneously, countertops are used on a daily basis; hence its durability, design, functionality, and resistance to damage play a huge role.

One of the most durable yet pretty kitchen countertop material is natural stone.


The most widely recognized choices in natural stone for countertops are Granite and slate. Additionally, Soapstone is also a good choice for kitchen countertops, but most home owners are not familiar with it. If you are looking for something attractive and Eye-catching, Granite is your best option. It is available in numerous colors and tones, so it is easy to choose the one that goes with your kitchen's theme. Additionally, you do not have to worry about seams as Granite is available in large slabs. It is also the highest priced natural stone.

Even though Soapstone and slate come in fewer tones than Granite and aren't exactly as solid, yet both are sufficiently thick to be impervious to ordinary wear. Slate unique, natural nonporous quality makes it maintenance free.

Strong surfaces, for example, Avonite and Gibraitar produced using acrylics and polyfills, are also a possible choice for Kitchen Countertops. The higher the quality, the safer these will be to stains and scratches. The greatest advantage of fabricated surfaces for countertops is that these can be coordinated precisely by shading and style with different kitchen components.

Individuals who need a customary or natural look mostly select either ceramic tile or wood. The tile must be picked cautiously in any case since numerous kinds won't be up to day-by-day errands regular in kitchens. Ceramic is a decent decision for auxiliary work surfaces, yet these require a consistent check for rating. Those tiles are not evaluated for either floors or countertops. Wood isn't as mainstream as it used to be as this is a permeable material and will show mileage in the long run. Wood counters made of hardwood, for example, rock maple, can continue their appearance for quite a long time.


Stainless steel is a material that is gotten expanding famous in Toronto because of its toughness and style. This material can regularly mix in with other designing decisions without any problem. Tidy up is basic, and many scratch safe surfaces, for example, this can be used without worry for lessening its appearance. Due to its reflective surface, it can be used with any color or style theme.

Types of Kitchen Countertops We Offer


Quartz is one of those countertop materials that is frequently picked in light of its flexibility as far as style. There are so many style prospects with regard to quartz. You can have Quartz kitchen countertops planned in any shading you want. Quartz countertops price is less than granite and marble, which makes it regular in present-day kitchens. You can find colored quartz countertops in a variety that suits your kitchen's theme the most. At the same time, white quartz countertops are most used among simple themed kitchens. Quartz has become the most user-friendly countertop material. It has a wide range of collection and requires low maintenance.