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    ASASA Construction is here with its restaurant renovation services. Book your appointment and avail our services today.

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    Renovating your restaurant may seem like a tedious task at first. Having to reevaluate your restaurant's current condition, decorative theme, and how you can attract more clients may become overwhelming at first. At ASASA Construction, we understand the workings of your business, and we invest passionately in creating a restaurant that puts clients' comfort first. ASASA Construction offers the best restaurant renovation services in Toronto.

    ASASA Construction is an authorized and Insured restaurant renovation contractor in Toronto. We are the leading-edge restaurant renovation contractors in Toronto. If you're hoping to accumulate the perfect restaurant or need to remodel your restaurant, we are here to help. Our restaurant renovation contractors and designers with a decade's experience will revamp your restaurant in ways that will be beyond your imaginations. They'll add to the success of your business like it was their own. ASASA Construction has been providing restaurant renovations for over ten years. We are a team of expert restaurant renovation contractors and designers with a reflective understanding of the field. Get in touch with the best restaurant renovation company providing restaurant renovation services in Toronto.

    Restaurant Design, Construction, and Renovation

    Restaurant Design, Construction, and Renovation

    If you are planning to renovate your restaurant, then look no further; we are here to provide you with expert restaurant renovation services. At ASASA Construction, we strive to make your vision a reality. We try our best to drop the load from your plate with the objective that you can focus only on the success of your effort. Our team of experts & designers has completely understood the work environments, foundations, and eateries for over ten years. We have you all covered, from designing your restaurant to construction and renovation

    Our understanding and unique planning in this area puts us aside from our competitors. As a client, you are our essential need; our reputation depends on your satisfaction throughout the renovation cycle. Our experts will work personally with you to arrange an initial meeting to gratify your financial understanding and vision. We give you the best at the most simple restaurant renovation cost. Let us construct the restaurant you are looking for.

    Undertaking Management

    Undertaking Management

    We intend to work outside of your regular working hours to reduce business obstacles. ASASA Construction is here to help!

    Plan and Build

    With prior planning, allow us to provide you with unique suggestions for your restaurant renovation. This will not only benefit you with complete control over your space, but it will also give you insight into what you are looking for.

    Commendable Engineering

    Our team of engineers use advanced techniques and top-quality material to provide you with the outcome you are looking for.

    Restaurant Renovation Services

    Restaurant Renovation Services

    At one point in time, you consider hiring a restaurant remodeling contractor. With time, your space may start to feel a bit crumpled and old. You'll look to move towards a more modern-looking restaurant that envokes one with the feel it had when it was first established.

    At ASASA, we are ready to put new life into your restaurant. Whether or not it's a minor restaurant renovation or you are demanding a full-scale restaurant renovation contractor for hire, we can change what has become old into something new again. We'll work with the property heads and yourself to guarantee that your new space meets all your requirements and is ready in no time at all.

    We understand that the restaurant space mirrors the food quality and environment. At ASASA Construction, we put our clients' needs and suggestions first before laying out the foundations of the renovation project.

    Parlor and Dining

    Parlor and Dining

    Probably one of the most critical stages of your restaurant remodels is your restaurant renovation contractors. Anything is possible! Change the theme, style, and ambiance by offering the correct number of seats in the room's planning. Without compromising your customers' comfort levels, we provide you with suggestions for how you'd like to design the seating. As experts, we will have suggestions that best meet your efforts and ensure your project's accomplishment!


    What's a better summer party spot than a restaurant porch or a patio as the sun shines and you sip on your drink surrounded by your lovely guests. To allow your guests to see its infinite value, it's essential to have an overflowing, beautiful, and overwhelming deck. All planning furniture, inclines, tables, and additional items should be profusely considered. We wouldn't want our customers to face any difficulty in case of a rainstorm, now would we?



    Most restaurants these days have a bar area for customers who need a more exciting environment than the parlor area. If this is an area you currently have as part of your restaurant or are anticipating adding, we will guarantee the look and feel is as per the rest of the premises.


    Make an effort not to cut your guests' appetite with unhygienic, out-of-style, incomplete bathrooms returning to the 1990s. It is essential to keep the bathrooms environment consistent with the look of the rest of the restaurant. You can wish to style your restaurant's bathroom with a component of luxuriousness to provide your customers with a great eating experience.



    A kitchen renovation may make your chef's life less complicated about arranging dishes in different areas, as it will provide sufficient space for storage and layout. Moreover, replacing old ovens and old hoods is suitable to ensure the working of all your mechanical kitchens.

    Kitchens weren't constantly viewed as a significant room in a house. Nonetheless, as of late, they have become a fundamental piece of engaging visitors and everyday life.

    Start the planning cycle by becoming more acquainted with you, the customer. We atprovide the best kitchen renovation services in Toronto. In light of this load of variables alongside the financial plan we need to work with, we propose a practical design to oblige your necessities.

    ASASA Construction – A Company You Can Trust

    We are here with our trusted clients whom we have provided 100% clients satisfaction. Now it's your shot to give us a stab.

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    Before & After Restaurant Renovation

    We are here to show you the best restaurant renovations that we have done. You can check the images below.

    Boulevard After

    A fresh coat of lime-blue paint, vinyl flooring, and a picture of their late mother brought the owners to tears when we revealed the transformed dining room.

    BeforeAfterBoulevard AfterBoulevard After
    BeforeAfterTavern AfterTavern After

    Tavern After

    Our revamped design included an opened-up bar, a remote service station, and fresh coats of paint. "We are feeling proud of the place, and we want everybody to come in and see it.

    Steakhouse After

    "I'm overwhelmed with joy," the owner said with tears in her eyes after seeing the new dining room. Our design team replaced uncomfortable chairs with cushioned seating, created a window to let in more light, and refinished the bar.

    BeforeAfterSteakhouse AfterSteakhouse After
    Why You Need Restaurant Renovation

    Why You Need Restaurant Renovation

    Keeping any business new, significant, and space operative is particularly valid for restaurants. Outlined patterns change with culture. To guarantee that customers will continue eating in your restaurant when different restaurants are developing and moving, it is essential not to be viewed as outdated. The most significant advantages of remodeling your restaurant include:


    Regardless of whether your food is fantastic, clients will, in any case, consider the general understanding of a restaurant when choosing if they need to return. Probably the best motivation to redesign your restaurant is to work on the available insight of supporters. By executing a plan relevant to your style of food and restaurant culture, you can execute a project that upholds the restaurant's experience.



    A redesign may be a decent choice if you think exploring your lounge area or kitchen format is hard. By remodeling your restaurant, you will want to enhance the use of each room. For example, extra spaces such as kitchen and food prep areas, feasting, and bar spaces to guarantee that those spaces are utilized as they are expected to.


    The right redesigns can serve to enhance the restaurant's ambiance. New lighting and electrical frameworks, better warm control, and double sheet windows would all assist with getting a good deal on energy expenses and assist you with securing the environment.

    Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Us

    As the top renovation company in Toronto, We will work with you on vast or small tasks. Together we'll adjust your new development, redesigning or remodeling plans, joining your ideal goals and facts

    Our services include flooring, drywall, painting, and more to transform your business into a position of pride. Choose us to experience complete renovation services like tenant upgrades, custom meeting rooms, lighting, support, assemble-outs, and floor covering services. Nevertheless rebuilds and redesigns, we plan out all new development projects from start to finish. Picking the best renovation contractors from a top renovation company that is additionally reasonable, with an exceptional yield on the project.

    We provide you with an opportunity to work with a group that knows pretty much everything about commercial renovation. We are known for delivering quality commercial renovation to our customers.



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