Basement Renovation – Basement Storage Area

Now that you are planning on going ahead and renovating the basement, you have to start with the basics. If you want to go ahead for basement renovation, you might be speculating where to take a start. First, you will have to choose the area you wish to utilize. Will it be a multi functional area that comprises a kitchen, a full bathroom, or a private bedroom area.

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You will have to decide whether you want an open entertainment area for family and friends. If your work necessities a quiet office area for work, then your priorities will be different. You can also turn them into a kids playing area. A good reliable contractor can help you in remodeling or  basement renovation according to your wishes.

Once you determine how much area necessitates functioning, you can then evaluate what fundamentals you want to include. These may consist of mechanisms that are brand new, as well as features that may previously exist but are in dire necessity of an upgrading. Here are some rudiments your finished basement will most likely need to increase its capacity as a room:


We are not speaking about table lamps or bulb holders on the walls. Incorporated light is a requirement if you are considering an underground area. Even if you incorporate natural light into your room, you should still make sure that you have the light fixtures. Track lighting may seem like the best choice, but recessed lighting is also deemed to be ideal for basements.

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If you have a basement with a lower ceiling, than you may prefer light brackets. To stop the lightening fixtures from creating shadows, install them evenly after a certain distance.


A basement without any window may feel shadowy and dull, even if you install light fixtures. You will need a big window for your basement to give it a livelier look. Apart from that, the window allows air circulation and light to pass through. It will provide you with the benefit of offering an alternative route in case of an emergency. Some of the windows that are used include hopper windows, sliding windows, and picture windows.

To increase the energy efficiency of your home, install the double-pane windows.

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Your incomplete underground room will likely have a concrete or gravel floor. Although you can paint over the concrete and convert it into a permanent floor. However, it may get dirty, and cleaning it can be difficult.

Moreover, it is not a very pretty sight. You can carpet the basement to cover up all the undesirable spots. It will give you the option to decorate the room without any additional construction.

You can replace the carpet anytime to add a new flair or if there is any flooding. You can avoid installing hardwood floors as they may decay with time. You can install marble flooring during basement renovation, but the cost will be too much to bear unless you have the budget for it.

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Fitting proper padding will allow you to regulate the temperature and humidity of the room. You will be able to save money on utility bills. You can minimize the damage that the water may cause to the basement and the stuff placed in it.

Proper insulation will help you in containing the temperature, be it hot or cold. There are several places you can add insulation to, such as the interior and exterior walls of a basement. The best product that you can use is spray foam. It settles down quite easily and is most effective. However, it is quite expensive.

If you are planning on using the room permanently than padding, it may be the right choice your you. The better insulated it is, the happier you will be with the result.


If you propose to include a bathroom or a place to cook, then you will have to add a pipe as well. The renovation below the ground can be a bit tricky. As far as drainage goes, you will have to be careful where it ends up. You might have to take out a separate line or connect it to the sewage line if it is below the surface of the room. However, the process can be a bit complex.

Only an expert plumber will be able to complete the fitting for you. Keep in mind that it will cost money and extra labor.

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When you have a basement, then you will be aware that there is bound to be water damage. The paint on the walls tends to fall off, while wooden things decay and metallic objects rust. To tackle this problem, you will need to spend some money on waterproofing it. Although the cost may be more then what you can afford, it will be a good investment. You can easily use the room for general purposes.

You have to be careful to pick the proper process, which will be suitable for you.

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The basement is not just a dark room where you can put your extra stuff. It is also a place you can use as a room. You have to put in a little effort to transform it into a multipurpose room. Nonetheless, it is worth the effort. To put it mildly, with the basement renovation you can turn basement into a lot more than just a storage room.

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