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    ASASA Construction offers hardwood flooring services to its customers. Book your appointment today and avail this service.

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     hardwood flooring

    Is it high time that you consider changing your hardwood flooring? ASASA Construction is a hardwood flooring contractor in Toronto. We offer different hardwood flooring contractor for your home, bringing a fantastic look and feel to your space. We give hardwood flooring refinishing, shading plans, an exceptional and adaptable surface that gives your home a luxurious yet tasteful look; at the same time, it's tough and never rots.

    We assist our customers through a collection of styles to look over and provide the best Hardwood flooring services in Toronto. As far as your home's floor plans and style is concerned, our specialists aim to have detailed meetings with you to discuss everything from planning to executing. At ASASA Construction, we handpick the best hardwood flooring services in Toronto that can be redesigned to expand their age. Placing assets into the best hardwood floor contractors will bring a significant change to your space and provide longevity.

     hardwood floors

    The quality, worth, and style of the hardwood floors we offer are adaptable, and top tier; our team of specialists focus on making a group of state-of-the-art solid wood flooring plans through the best procedures for the foundation. With remarkable wood species, we do Solid Hardwood Flooring, Engineered Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Hardwood Flooring Repair, and Hardwood Flooring Restoration.

    Designed Hardwood Flooring

    Designed hardwood flooring is a beautiful choice for your home. It is uncommonly planned and introduced to diminish the shot at extension and compression when your region's temperature and mugginess levels change. Some house regions are not ideal for solid hardwood flooring, so we prompt designed hardwood flooring. These regions incorporate restrooms, kitchens, basements, and utility rooms.

    Overlay Flooring

    Overlay Flooring

    Overlay Flooring is well renowned in Toronto for its sturdiness. Like hardwood flooring, it has the upside of saving money and providing strength. It has a surface that includes a super-solid aluminum oxide overlay that offers ideal insurance from stains and scratches.

    The overlay's cycle is environment friendly (containing less formaldehyde) and doesn't harm your wellbeing. Even after years and years of use, the overlay provides a new look to the floor. This overlay involves layers of materials bottle intertwined under high pressure.

    Floor Repair and Restoration

    In addition to the fact that we provide the best hardwood flooring services, Floor Repair and Restoration are similar among our qualities. If your commercial or residential flooring needs any work, trust our team of experts in fixing and recovering what has been lost. Reach us today for your free virtual meeting.

    Aptitude and Dedication Combined

    Aptitude and Dedication Combined

    It is uncommon to find a hardwood flooring organization in Toronto, as capable and submitted as we may be. Such commitment is the wellspring of our efficiency in the ground surface industry. Being qualified, authorized, and guaranteed is a benefit that keeps our clients direct since they understand that they are peddled if something accidental happens.

    Upgrade the Look of Your Home

    Wooden floors do not just add a sprint of tastefulness to your home; they also add a touch of warmth. Numerous property holders accept that having hardwood floors makes the space look fabulous. Irrespective of whether it causes your home to feel more friendly relies upon the remainder of your decor. However, it is a simple way of establishing a special first connection.

    ASASA Construction – A Company You Can Trust

    We are a team of expert hardwood flooring contractors, and our company relies more upon quality, sturdiness, and imaginative plans than costs.

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    Before & After Wood Flooring

    Below are some of the before and after work we have accomplished. You can check the pictures below.


    While setting up this home available to be purchased, the property holder needed to pull up the rug and show the maple floor under it. We fixed a few regions on this floor, then, at that point, sanded and restored the wood to prepare the home for the market.



    Assuming you need to change the vibe of your home, eliminating the rug and introducing hardwood have a stunning effect. This Saint Paul home proprietor exchanged a rug for pre-completed red oak.


    Here were two flights of stairs that went from rug to hardwood. The primary pictures highlight a rug to maple flight of stairs change, and the maple on this venture was stained dim. The last two images include a split-level flight of stairs rug to pecan floor prior and afterward.

    Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean

    Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean

    Hardwood floors are easy to clean; they can be empty, steam-cleaned, or vacuumed to eliminate any soil or flotsam and jetsam that has gathered. Save yourself from the hassle of cleaning all the time as wooden floors do not hold onto any ecological perils like residue vermin or pet dander.

    Solid and Durable

    Being tough is one of the essential justifications for why property holders decide to move up to solid wooden floors. One of the primary reasons this kind of ground surface is so natural to keep up with is its toughness. Of course, they can get scratched or gouged, and however, it's challenging to do. If you take care of your wooden floors appropriately, the hard surface can keep going for a long time.

    Upsurges the Value of Your Home

    Upsurges the Value of Your Home

    Wood floors can upsurge the value of your home. When it's time for you to sell your home, purchasers will pay more for a house with hardwood than the cover. Many home purchasers don't need shelter, particularly someone else's body, and they consider the utilized rug a petri dish that will incite their sensitivity manifestations. Many home purchasers would add carpets to pay more for a house with hardwood floors.

    Better Air Quality

    In contrast to cover, hardwood floors don't trap dust, creature dander, dust, particulate matter, or other everyday allergens. This implies that it's essentially more straightforward to develop your indoor air quality further. Wooden floors are frequently an unquestionable requirement for hypersensitivity victims.

    reat examines All Dcor Theme

    Great examines All Dcor Theme

    One of the essential compensations of wood flooring is its adaptability to adjust to pretty much all corners of your home. Regardless of how frequently you are motivated to change the mirrors, divider quality, ornamental accents, or another stylistic layout in your home, the floors will consistently look great and fit your perfect look.

    Moreover, wooden flooring will not conflict with your decor, yet you have a broad scope of shades and species to look over. With open hardwood floors, you don't get a manufacturing plant design that rehashes now and again. You get regular excellence accessible with an assortment of shades, whirls, and grains that add character to your home.

    Shading Doesn't Fade

    Shading Doesn't Fade

    Many floor coverings will lose their gloss over the long haul. The surface begins to change with mileage and stains that are difficult to eliminate. You won't face this issue with hardwood. The consistency of hardwood is one reason why hardwood keeps going for countless years and seldom should be removed.

    Enduring and Cost-Effective

    Contemplate the drawn-out costs. Wooden floors are the perfect choice you'd want to make for your floor, and they are much less likely to be inclined towards any harm, and they are very durable and budget-friendly. Moreover, hardwood floors can retain going for ages because they are so solid, and this enduring excellence makes them a financially savvy flooring choice.

    Can Be Refinished

    Can Be Refinished

    This is an enormous advantage as the expense to restore is essentially lower than purchasing and putting in a new deck. It is additionally helpful because it allows you the opportunity to renovate your home without going through heaps of cash. Or then again, perhaps you just purchased a house but didn't like the shade of the wooden floors.

    You can merely sand the shading off and finish them as you prefer. That's all there is to it and a lot less expensive than supplanting the entire thing. What makes wood floors much more straightforward to keep up with is that they are altogether more color-safe than rugs. If you spill something, you can wipe it off.

    Why You Need Hardwood Flooring

    Why You Need Hardwood Flooring

    An ever-increasing number of mortgage holders are going with hardwood floors for their homes. Some incline toward the excellent look of wood flooring over rug or tile, while others essentially appreciate that this sort of deck is simpler to clean and keep up with. Wooden floors are in high demand these days due to the sturdiness and modern look they provide to your homes.

    Further develop Acoustics in Your Home

    Hardwood floors can likewise work on the acoustics inside the room, decreasing empty sounds or vibrations that tend to be annoying. This quality is the reason you'll see hardwood in practically every dance or music studio. However, if you're searching for a wood-like deck that decreases commotion, vinyl or stopper might be the better decision here.

    Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Us

    On the off chance that you're racking your brain in regards to the flooring that suits your budget plan and provides a rich feel to your feet, then hardwood flooring is the choice you'd want to go with. The ordinary greatness and shine of wood pull us to dream about having a house with hardwood floors.These days, we can find different kinds of ground surface material that can give a wooden deck look.

    There is so much class and style to refinishing that hardwood flooring is typical for gliding towards it. However, hardwood flooring contractors give the genuine sensation of luxury and classiness by overhauling your home's overall mindset. Since it's a constituent searched out, the wood ground surface might even assist with selling your home quicker.



    When you're choosing hardwood flooring, you will be given a gigantic rundown of decisions to make and an assortment of options to go through. You can pick one depending upon your spending plan and availability. Not even a single board has a comparable shade or concealing, making it more tenable while improving its upscale appeal.

    On the off chance that you need, by then, you can, in like manner, recolor them when you get depleted of a comparable tone. In like manner, you could mix and match the various kinds of wood to give the ground surface a fascinating look.

    Quality that is Ever-Enduring

    Quality that is Ever-Enduring

    Your carpet and vinyl flooring may require a change after a particular time. However, hardwood flooring can be redesigned or re-sanded. This helps restore the deck to its exceptional state while keeping up its splendor and finish. Hardwood flooring refinishing is less disposed to damage and looks more exquisite with age.

    Hardwood flooring refinishing doesn't look depleted or dull, and the imperishable style of the wooden flooring contractors ensures that it's reliably in the plan. This example has been used at homes for quite a while, so you can be sure that you will save adequate time and money for gauges later on.



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