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    ASASA Construction provides the best basement renovation services in Toronto. Get in touch with us and book your appointment today.

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    Legal Basement

    Legal Basement

    If you're thinking of revamping your basement but face legal constraints, you've come to the right place. Make sure your property is legalized before you start changing your basement into a rental apartment. Building regulations and other significant guidelines are liable to the property's location. We aim to assist you with all of this and more so you can transform your mundane basement into a space full of color and endless possibilities.

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    Basement renovation contractors

    Quality, Client-Oriented Service

    ASASA Construction is a top-notch basement renovation contractors along with commercial and residential renovation contractors. We are licensed and protected, so you can trust us with your renovation projects without having to worry about any damages. You can convert your incomplete basement into an entertainment space for your friends and family, or you can opt to convert it into an office space or a personal gym. Anything is possible if you trust the right contractors and have a thorough plan for the project.

    Our basement renovation contractors aim to convert your unfinished basement into the real deal. Basements have the extraordinary potential to transform into anything, from a kid's play area to a cinema, a bar, and whatnot! At ASASA Construction, our goal is to make your dreams a reality. We're the best basement renovation company in Toronto; we have over ten years of experience in this field.

     ASASA Constructions

    Our passionate and dedicated team of basement renovation contractors is here to cover all of your basement finishing needs. ASASA Construction offers fine quality material and first-rate service when it comes to putting your renovation plan into action. We are well known for our client-oriented approach; our utmost priority is to satisfy our clients no matter the costs.

    Basement Renovation Assessment And Quote

    Call us today and schedule a free in-house property walkthrough with one of our expert renovation contractors. Our representatives will assess your basement, the foundation, and the required degree of work before providing you with a formal quote for the project. At this stage, you have the opportunity to address all your concerns and present any requests concerning your basement renovation.

    Basement Renovation Floor Plan And Design

    Basement Renovation Floor Plan And Design

    After communicating back and forth with the client and the team regarding the basement renovation project, our designers begin working on the floor plans and initial designs for the project. Our strategies and specific techniques depend highly on your requests and the budget you have in mind for the project. We eagerly meet with our customers time and again to understand their requirements and follow through with any changes requested by them over time.

    Fabricate And Renovate Your Basement

    All the basement remodeling projects we take on are directed by one of our expert administrators, who is fully dedicated to your project and satisfaction. With full consideration, our administrators will go to all lengths to guarantee the team follows through with the renovation plan and are on schedule throughout. Moreover, they will keep you informed of any changes or upgrades made/requested throughout the process.

    Basement Remodeling Contractors

    Basement Remodeling Contractors

    ASASA Construction is a legally remodeling specialist in Toronto. We offer various kinds of upgrades under one room, saving you from the hassle of legal issues. We invest critical energy into condo rebuild, home overhaul, basement remodeling, and impressively more. You can entrust our team with all your remodeling needs; we're one of the best legally binding specialists within the GTA.


    We are one of the best basement renovation companies you can trust without a second thought.

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    Before & After Basement Renovation

    Our team of experts takes pride in the basement renovations we have provided our clients over the years. The following are some of our best basement renovation projects.


    After our experts planned this office with many modern elements, we converted it into a premium office focusing on wooden highlights, solid tones, and sports. The roof open (yet painted) impressively pares down the financial plan with precise warming ventilation work.



    The property owners of this project were looking to install a kitchen in their basement. We carefully assessed the scope of work required and designed a fine kitchen for our clients in their basement. The owners were pleased with our teamwork and results.


    The outcome is a complete basement renovation. We created two zones: half for diversion and half for a workout. The work zone additionally separates into hers-and-his areas. Our experts carefully added lots of light to perk up the basement, including recessed lights and a crystal fixture.

    Why You Need Basement Renovation For Your Basement

    Why You Need Basement Renovation For Your Basement

    When you walk down to your basement, does it seem like you've traveled back to 1975? Whether you frantically need to rebuild your drained, obsolete basement renovation or complete a cellar without any preparation, there are many advantages to a basement renovation redesign.

    Expand Your Living Space

    A basement renovation can increase your living space by almost twofold. A basement renovation is ideal if you want extra rooms to house a developing family, a workspace, a wellness room, a family room, a home theater, or a den. When you work with an expert basement renovation redesign organization, they will assist you with making the ideal plan for your cellar that will best suit your family's necessities.

    Lift Your Homes Resale Esteem

    Lift Your Homes Resale Esteem

    A basement renovation redesign will expand the worth of your property. Homes with completed, overhauled basement renovations are more attractive to home purchasers, and they additionally have a decent profit from the venture. A cellar redesign can recover more than 70% of its unique expense, as indicated by the Remodeling Magazines Cost versus Worth Report. You'll feel at ease residing in it and realize that you've made a brilliant speculation for the future if you choose to sell.

    Acquire Pay with An Optional Suite

    Building a legitimate optional suite in your basement renovation is an extraordinary venture. You can utilize the rental payments to assist pay with bringing down your home loan and offset other everyday costs. An auxiliary suite will likewise expand the worth of your home. Homes with additional suites are also pursued by adroit financial backers, which will be to your advantage if you sell your home.

    You Really Want More Extra Room

    Fix and Reestablish After Water Harm

    A shocking yet phenomenal explanation is that property holders redesign their basement renovations due to water harm. On the off chance that you have had spills or a flood in your cellar, you may need to add drywall, protection, and ground surface. If left for too long, this dampness will turn into a safe house for form and mold development which is a peril to your wellbeing.

    We embrace difficulties; we embrace development. We welcome the novel requirements and convictions, and we accept that variety sets out the freedom for everybody to develop through the connections we assemble. We acknowledge that strength is an achievement. Whether enabling our customer accomplices to satisfy their vision or engaging our Team Members to develop their latent capacity and then nurturing the imaginative soul is the way to satisfaction for everybody. You improve us, and we endeavor to interpret our immense experience, abilities, and information into a continually developing asset for our local area.

    Fix and Reestablish After Water Harm

    Why Choose Us

    At ASASA Construction, we use our broad knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best remodeling services in Toronto and the GTA. We can deal with all of your redesigns, from renovations, remodel and more. At ASASA Construction, we care about you and your family's wellbeing, so we aim to provide you with safe and secured renovation services.

    We understand that your house means great value to you and your loved ones; hence, we strive to bring more color and extravagance. Our experts have been dealing with all sorts of renovation projects involved with basements for over ten years now. With ASASA Construction, you'll get the full cellar remodel you've been looking for. We aim to provide 100% customer fulfillment.



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