Types Of Residential Windows And Installation

In any new construction or renovation, the importance of windows is undeniable as they create the ambience and feel for your overall house. A properly handled and installed residential windows can not only give a pleasant outlook but also help secure the house. You have to take care of a lot of factors while installation of windows from proper sizing to design. While you install a new window in-house, you have to incorporate tools like nailing fin that holds the window against the wall. Nailing fins are not required for replacement of a window because the already installed window frame has fasteners which hold the window’s structure in place. The kitchen replacement is much more convenient and easier as compare to kitchen installation. While installing a new residential windows as well, it is recommended make use of already installed frame until and unless it is broken or needs repairing.

Windows offer a wide variety of options not only in their styles and designs but also in their operations like fixed (that do not open) and operable (that can be opened). There are many different parts that are included in a window like outer casing, vertical stiles, channel, jamb, sash, horizontal rails. Sash holds the glass in the window in place.  Usually, there is minimum one sash in a window. The pane is another part of a window that glass sheet which is a sub-sectioned frame within a window. The outer frame of the window is an important part that determines the overall look of a window. It consists of subparts like sill, jamb, head jamb, head. Glass is the most widely material in windows, and they are called glazing windows.

Composition of a Window:

A common vinyl window be it single hung or double hung is made up of multiple parts which are given below:

1-Glass Grills (GBG)

2- Sill

3- Sash


5-Head Jamb


7-Side Jamb



There are different types of residential windows, and some of them are given below:

Single-Hung Windows:

A single hung window has a lower sash that operates vertically, and upper sash is fixed. The outlook of the single-hung window is pretty much like double hung windows, but the working mechanism is different. In some designs of single-hung windows, the sash is fixed in the inward direction to facilitate cleaning of the exterior. Usually, single-hung windows are cheaper than double-hung windows, and according to some estimates, it can cost you 10-15 lesser than double-hung windows

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Double-Hung Windows:

Unlike single-hung windows, double-hung windows don’t have any fixed sash rather both upper and lower sashes are operable. Double-hung residential windows have a huge demand due to their beautiful appearance which gives a classic look and adds to the overall look of a house. They are very convenient to clean because you do not have to reach the exterior due to operable sashes. There is also an option of sashed tilted inward in double hung residential windows that facilitate cleaning of the exterior. It is also better ventilation purposes like moving the upper sash down and lifting lower sash up allows the air flow for warmer air to move out and a cool breeze to come in.

Accent Windows:

Accent windows usually come in standardized rectangular and other shapes like an octagon, triangle etc. with design patterns and themes. Their design is very catchy and presents a visual treat to the eyes. One drawback of accent windows is that they are usually fixed, so they offer no ventilation to the interior. Also, they are very difficult to clean and usually you have all the way outside to clean them

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Basement Hopper Windows:

Basement hopper windows are smaller sized windows that usually open in the upward and inward direction. These are mostly used in bathrooms and basements. They are generally installed on top of the room and provides air and sunlight passage. These type of residential windows are easier to clean because of their operability and small size.

Glass Block Windows:

Glass block windows have multiple numbers of glass block connected together. These types of windows are durable and secure because the sealing done to join the glass blocks is done with mortar. It is a very good choice among windows because they are pleasant looking and the sunlight can enter your room through the glass that is why they are also a preferred choice in sunrooms. They are usually fixed and can’t open, but they are an option of a tilted built-in vent available for ventilation. These built-in vent glass block windows are very popular for laundry rooms due to facilitation in drying.

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Sliding Windows:

Sliding windows have either or both panels operable that can move horizontally in both directions. They are very good choice because of their convenient usage and ventilation. Sliding windows have the ability to open up to the length of the window creating a great passage for fresh air and sunlight. They are also usually used in the rooms that have a beautiful view because of their sliding ability.

All of above are most commonly used windows on residentially, but other than these many other types of windows are available which are given below:

Bay windows:

These types of windows give a three-dimensional appearance and emerge outwards from the structure. They are usually common in classical structure and heavy budget houses.

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Picture windows:

These types of windows are pivoted and cannot be moved for ventilation, but through glass, sunlight can enter. They are usually good for rooms that have a beautiful view to offer.

Bow windows:

Bow windows are a type of bay windows with more openings and different curvature. They also bulge out of the house but at 10-15-degree angles.


This type of window is attached to the ceiling or roof for ventilation and sunlight. They are more like sunroof of a car and can be moved in different directions. They are usually difficult to clean due to accessibility issues.

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Window Frame Materials:

There are different options available for windows frame, and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Aluminum: Aluminum window is one of the most economical options among different types of windows. They are lightweight, low maintenance and very durable with high endurance against corrosion.
  • Clad-wood: In clad wood windows, there is a wooden covering on the inner side and aluminum covering on the outside. The wooden cladding acts as a resistant against corrosion.
  • Wood: Wood is another important material that is widely used in windows for new construction projects. It is usually used on the inner side of a window because it cannot resist longtime exposure to adverse weather effects. Wood also provides good insulation and helps keep the temperatures inside a room bearable. You can also get finished wood for convenience in the installation process.
  • Vinyl: It is a popular choice in replacement windows. Polyvinyl chloride is used in vinyl windows which are tough material that is why these types of windows are very durable. They also don’t need any finishing and have endurance against discoloration and rot.

Energy Efficient Windows:

There are many items used in windows that help preserve the temperature of a room. Usually, two(double-pane) or three(triple-pane) glass layers are used in windows. For insulation purposes, argon gas or air is used as a sealing agent between multiple panes. If the window is constructed properly, then there are fewer chances of condensation, but for drying and protection, a desiccant is added between panes.

Another good option for energy conservation is low-emissivity glass which let sunlight through but does not let the heat to slip in. It is because of its ability to not exchanging temperature, Plus it can help keep your room cool on a warm day and warm on a cold day. energy efficient windows also keep the harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the house and prevent furniture and other items from discoloration.

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Ways of cleaning windows:

Following are some ways to help in the cleaning of windows:

  • Wash windows with water then clean and wipe with a lint-free dry cloth.
  • Many chemicals can also be incorporated for cleaning windows and try to distribute the cleaning material uniformly throughout window to prevent discoloration.
  • Rinse off any cleaning chemical quickly with water because it can affect the surface if kept for long.

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