Home Renovation Cost 2021

Home renovation can be a pain. Most people are willing to take this pain because they want their houses to feel like home. Renovating a house can indeed get tricky, and it is, of course, expensive. Doing calculations and making a plan can help you save a lot, and it clears your vision about the estimated cost. The resale value of your house will increase after renovation.

On average, home renovation contractors in Toronto report to be charging anywhere between $22000-$80000. Prices solely depend on room size, labor, and quality of materials. There are a ton of options available in the market to choose from while planning to add extra space. You can add a master bedroom, a bathroom, or even a movie room depending on the amount of budget you got

Cost of Adding a Bedroom:

It is not likely to know the exact cost until you know the size of the room. The cost of labor in your area would greatly impact the total cost. The labor costs in Toronto are relatively higher than in other areas. Adding a 10×20 bedroom can cost you around $24000-$30000. Keep in mind that your room also needs electrical work that will add up a bit to your cost. A small 12×12 room at the side of your house with foundations and a roof can cost you around $11000-$22000. Other options that play a key role in calculating the expenses include the size of the closet, the size of the window, type of doors the closet will have.

Master Bedroom Addition:

The master bedroom is usually bigger, from 200-500/sq ft. It contains a walk-in closet that can be anywhere from 20-110/sq ft. It comes with its master bathroom. The cost of a $450/sq ft master bedroom suite can cost you a massive $55000-$100000 or more.

After you finalize your contractor, the first thing you should do is sign a contract. It is the only legal way that will protect you and your contractor in case of a mishap or a misunderstanding. Just think that you wanted hardwood flooring, but he installed tiles. In this case, the contract will help you if you agreed on a specific price for specific work. Every minute detail should be in the contract to avoid any future disputes to avoid later conflicts. Likewise, if you agreed for hardwood, and later you insist tiles, this will protect the contractor. A contractor who is not willing to sign a contract is not the one you want. Just remember a good contractor should have all his permits in place and is willing to sign a contract.

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Adding a Bathroom

Home renovation companies in Oak Ville usually charge $16000-$50000. If you are looking for a luxury spa-like bathroom, make sure that you got a massive $80000 or more. Adding a bathroom can get expensive due to the plumbing costs depending on the size of your place. Buyers are more attracted to a house that has the same number of bathrooms as bedrooms.

Adding a bathroom will increase the price of your real estate. There are plenty of exclusive bathroom tile designs available in Toronto. The showerhead companies stepped up the design game launching exclusive range to fulfill the need of the growing market.

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Adding a Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the core components of the house. A beautiful kitchen can help you take a fresh start of the day. An average 10×10 kitchen would cost you somewhere around $20000-$45000. If you are on the look for a luxury kitchen, make sure to be able to pour in a $100000 or more. The cost of your kitchen depends greatly on the size of your kitchen and the appliances, countertops, and fixtures. Home renovation contractors in Mississauga have plenty of kitchen cabinet and tile designs available in the color of your choice. Adding paint on top of the walls is usually cheaper than putting tiles. If you have a limited budget, a backsplash can be another good option.

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Garage Addition Cost

Adding a garage can add up to 80% of the cost concerning the increased equity of your house. Building a detached garage is $3500-$5500 or more expensive as compared to the attached garage. Also, check with the local authorities if building a garage is allowed on your lot. The cost of building a two-car garage will cost you around $30000 or more. The one-car garage will cost you somewhere between $9000-$13000. Building a garage doesn’t need anything fancy, so the prices are relatively lower. It is just a place to park your car. The cost solely depends on labor costs and the building materials.

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Balcony Addition

Balcony addition can be very cheap, depending on the materials used and labor costsThe home remodeling company in Oakville charge around $20-$50 per square foot for wood when adding a balcony. If you are looking into the steel balcony, it may cost you around $3500-$5000. It is an economical way to increase your living space without having to build a foundation. It is a great way to relish the sunshine in cold winters and warm breezes in hot summers. It will also add up to the resale value of your property.

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Cost of Adding Second Story

A second story is always a good option when it comes to adding space without acquiring more space of the property. It also boosts the home value significantly; hence it can be considered a good investment. Adding a second basement in Toronto can cost you anywhere between $140-$220/sq ft. You also need to check the local construction laws and regulations. Building the second floor in the garage can be a bit expensive. If the garage is detached and the current foundations are not of high quality.

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A home addition is just once in a blue moon type of thing. I am sure that you don’t want to be devastated. Make sure that you do thorough research and choose the right contractors. You should have profound knowledge before you sit and discuss with your contractor what you want. Discuss the terms and conditions of your contract to avoid any misunderstanding in the future; you have all the right to do so because you are the one paying the agent. Home renovations can get a little tricky but do not worry if you have any issue feel free to talk it through with your contractor. Make sure that you check your contractor’s permits. You don’t want to hire someone with an electrician work license to do plumbing for you. With a little research and brain-boosting, you can turn your house into what you want.

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