General Contractor in GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

General Contractor in GTA (Greater Toronto Area)


General Contractor in GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

Everyone wants their house to look according to theirdesires. A dream house where your heart belongs can make you feel like at home.So if you also want that experience, ASASA Construction can provide you thatthrough our excellent services. ASASA Construction is a family owned licensedcompany which provides services in GTA. We are the best home addition company Toronto due to our topnotch remodellingservices with experience over 10 years. Our professional team is fullydedicated and committed to their cause, and that is to serve clients in thebest possible way.

We have mastered the art ofclient-facilitation through highly organized approach and professionalattitude. Our excellent renovation services can be compared to any top home renovation company Toronto in every aspect. The scopeof our renovation services is not only limited to residential projects, but wealso provide state of the art services for commercial renovation.

Who are We?

From past ten years, we have been providing facilitation toclients in all their construction needs from new construction to renovation. Wehave ticked all the boxes to deliver the ultimate excellence to clients. Ourprofessionals are permitted and have all the required skillset and resources tocater all needs of clients. Hence, we have extraordinary work ethics and feellike our reputation is on the line whenever we are delivering any service. Wehave established a name for ourselves in the market by delivering on ourpromises and never disappointing the clients.

The team at ASASAConstructions has a highly systematic and organized approach to cater to everyrequirement of the client. We ensure client-satisfaction after the completionof our service and consider it as our biggest reward. Every service that we offeris designed around client-facilitation, and we are striving for excellenceevery single day.

We want to be at disposal of the client anytime they need us andour 24/7 availability of client-facilitation advocates that. ASASAConstructions provides everything under one roof, has a wide range of serviceswhich are given below:

New Home Addition:

ASASA Construction hasbeen consistently delivering exceptional quality in home addition services fromover ten years. That is why we are considered amongst the best home additioncontractors in GTA. ASASA Construction offers fullycustomized and semi-customized home addition service. For fully customized homeaddition, we build a house from scratch based on requirements of the client.

We value client’s conveniencevery highly that is the reason why we provide all the services needed for a newconstruction from evacuation to electrical and plumbing services. Initially, wegather all the requirements from the client in detail, and our team analyzesthem.


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A brainstorming session isconducted where all options and possibilities are gauged, and after conclusion,a plan is devised about the way to take on the project. The construction takesplace according to this plan to prevent any hassle and inconvenience. The tasksand resources are allocated beforehand to ensure the smooth running of theconstruction process without any hiccups.

A supervisor keeps an eye onthe progress of the project and assists the team whenever required. ASASAConstruction makes sure that the project is completed within the timeframe andfinal product fulfills all the requirements of the client.

We also provide semi-customhome addition service where we add another section in an already built house.This addition could be another story, a room, sunroom, patio, lawn or anyoutdoor addition. Our professionals have a high level of expertise in thiscraft and try to keep the scope of the project limited to the location inconsideration. We don’t disrupt the settings and structures of other units inthe house and focus all our attentions to the target.

Demolition Services:

We not only provide the excellent construction services butalso our demolition service is best in town. ASASA Construction hasall the expertise and equipment to carry out the demolition processeffectively. Unlike other contractors, the scope of our demolition service isnot limited to bringing the building down rather we also providedeconstruction, evacuation and site preparation service. Our professionals takeall the safety measures before carrying out the project. The site clearance isdone, the building is examined for presence of any hazards like asbestos,explosives or radioactive materials

We have high regard forbenefit of clients, and our deconstruction service is a proof of that. In thisservice, we take down the building bit by bit in order to preserve the usefuland recyclable material like rebar, pipes, appliances and decorative stuff. Theprocess of deconstruction is time-consuming and requires ample labour andequipment to be done efficiently, and ASASA Construction has all of that.


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Our evacuation service isalso one of a kind contacting debris removal, site preparation and grading. Wedeploy large machinery like evacuators for debris removal and site preparationis done by our labour efficiently to clear out the site completely. Aftercleaning out the site completely, the ground is levelled by running graders androllers. Our professionals ensure that grading continues until the ground lookseven and ready for new construction.

Bathroom Renovation:

ASASA Construction also provides service for all kinds of bathroom renovations.We offer service of totally customized bathrooms as per client’s requirementsand also provide installation and maintenance service for different units of abathroom like shower, bathtub, vanity etc. Our highly innovative and creativeteam can bring the best out of any situation. We deal with bathroom renovationaesthetically to enhance the appearance and outlook. ASASA Construction has anextensive experience in dealing with all kind of designs, styles and materialsfor bathroom renovation. From contemporary to a classic look, our professionalscan deliver you whatever you want.


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Basement Design and Finish:

If you want a complete or partial renovation for yourbasement, ASASA Construction is the way to go. We can make your abandoned anddeserted basement into a hanging out spot for your friends and family. Our professionals can deliver you all kinds of basement renovations from separate sections to an open conceptdesign. The professional team that we have can deliver innovative ideas likeman cave, gym, playroom, home theatre for basements. With our exceptional finishing and painting service,you can totally transform the appearance of your basement.


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Hardwood Floor and Laminate:

As our goal is not to gain profits rather providefacilitation to clients, so the scope of a project does not matter to us. Thatis the reason why we also deliver repair and maintenance services to clientsfor their house and hardwood floor and laminate is one of the mostpopular ones. ASASA Construction offers a wide range of options in hardwood andlaminate flooring. We provide highly efficient installation of all kinds ofhardwood materials like maple, rosewood, walnut, bamboo and so on. ASASAConstruction also provides maintenance and repair services including cleaning,finishing and polishing of floors.

Deck Fence and Patio:

We offer highly efficient and convenient installation andmaintenance services for deck fence and patio.Our creative team can helpyou select the most appropriate patio and deck for your outdoors thatcompletely blends in the surroundings. ASASA Construction can provide you thebest pool deckservices for underground and above ground pools. We dealin all types of materials from concrete to wood for building decks and fences.

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Interior and Exterior Paint:

We also offer outstanding services of interior and exteriorpaint to boost the outlook of a house. Our creative professionals providedifferent options of paints from plain to patterned and textured. So we alsomake use of different decorative techniques like staining to give the desirablelook to the place. Our exterior painting services are also exceptional in termsof endurance and appearance. We deal in all kinds of exterior paints likeemulsion, enamel, epoxy, oil etc. The paint job that we do is more likely tolast for long time and endure adverse conditions.

Islandand Peninsula Decks:

We deliver the most reliable installation and repairservices for island and peninsula decks. The level of expertise of ourprofessionals is the same for both attached and detached decks.

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Multi-level Decks:

So if you want to build a deck on uneven terrain, ASASAconstruction can provide you with the assistance through multi-level decks. Wecan deal with any terrain and slope and come up with ingenious solutions tomeet client’s requirements.


ASASA construction provides highly reliable and durableservices for all kinds of fences. Our creative and innovative team can deliveringenious fencing ideas that can enhance the appearance of your exterior. Ifyou want to fence for security purposes or containment of pets, ASASAconstruction provides the most appropriate services. Our fencing is durable,long-lasting and requires deficient maintenance.

The fencing that we do isresistant to corrosion or damage and has high endurance against externaltemperature and weather conditions. We deliver services for different fencingmaterial like metal, wood. In addition to installation services, we also offerhigh-quality maintenance and repair services.

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