Demolition Contractors in Toronto

DEMOLITION Are you planning to rebuild your house? Want to demolish the old pool? Or planning to redo your bathroom completely? ASASA Constructions are the most reliable, licensed, and insured demolition contractors in Toronto. We provide both commercial and residential demolition services in Toronto and GTA area. 

ASASA Constructions not only works on enormous structures and industrial properties, but we also do private destruction work. We love working with home holders and new landowners who hope to eliminate a pool or destroy the current structure for another home form. In addition to the fact that we tear down, however, we will finish the evaluating and cleaning as needed to get the new home constructed.

Residential Demolition

During Residential Demolition projects, the surrounding housing areas play a huge part in approaching a demolition job. We plan every step in detail to avoid inconvenience and safety concerns. We take care of permits and licenses and make sure all the labors are insured and covered, so you can feel comfortable with our demolition services.


Residential Demolitions are a test of working in genuinely difficult spots more often than not. Each venture is extraordinary, yet we are constantly set up to work around other people and, using safety-first strategies in the demolition of residential areas. As in bigger demo work, an intensive risk evaluation is worked through before any destruction exercises start. Issues, for example, materials arranging and reusing and removal plan, are arranged and executed likewise. Check with your constructor whom he will recruit for destruction or review before new home development starts. We offer cost effective, reliable residential renovation services.

Pool Removal

Pool evacuation and fill-ins are one of the more continuous solicitations we get for private demolition services. Our demolition company in Toronto fills in and eliminates pools of any sort or size.

Demolition Services Near Me

Whether you're looking for complete building demolition or just need small scale bathroom demolition, ASASA Constructions is the best choice for demolition contractors in Toronto. We understand that each demolition project is different from the others, structural or interior; this requires a special plan to ensure maximum security. Our specialists are equipped with modern technologies to effectively assess the job to bring out an efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly solution. Our project managers make sure that each part of our demolition strategy is completely incorporated throughout the process.