Home Renovation VS. Buying a New House

According to home renovation companies in Toronto, renovatinga house is great for some people, especially those with time and know-how.However, if you are looking to move into a home quickly without much trouble,then buying an already renovated home is probably your best shot. Your decisionshould move into a home without any hassle quickly on how comfortable you arewith managing the renovation and if you are willing to wait before moving tothe new house.

When it comes to choosing between the renovation of your existing home orbuying a new one, there are many things to consider. If you are looking todownscale and your current home is too big, the chances are that renovatingwill not solve your problem, and you will have to look at other options. If you have a family that’s growing and need extra space, you may be able torenovate your current home to make superior use of the space you already haveor to make an addition. Of course, you also might want to move on and buysomething new, that’s perfect for you and your family.

One trend we see regularly is that the demand for huge houses isdecreasing at a rapid speed. More people are instead searching for smallerhouses that are easy to take care of and don’t cost much to run. Even peoplewith big families are looking for spaces that use space adequately, so they donot have to build huge houses as in the past.

Why Renovate? 

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Youcan Savor the Upgrades:

When you prepare your home to put up for sale, your realestate agent may ask you to perform updates – from minor fixes to majorimprovements – that will help boost your home’s price. But rather than makingupgrades just before putting your house up for sale hopes of increasing yourreturn on investment, contemplate renovating now to enhance your quality oflife at home.


How can you possibly sell the home that you raised your kidsin when the height chart is still in the kitchen doorway, and you caneven imagine them taking their first steps across the living room? Often thememories are too good to leave. In this situation, it is a better option toremodel a few of the rooms than reluctantly selling your home.

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If you have enough bucks in your account to fund yourplanned renovations without applying for a loan, you don’t have to stress abouthigher monthly payments or increasing interest rates. For older homeowners whohave bountiful savings, an improved home with no additional debt is all themore alluring.


Whether you recently purchased your new home or you havelived there a couple of decades, it may be time to overhaul some outdatedsystems and ensure your home is keeping you safe. Let the professionals’checkout old electrical wiring, outdated heating systems, and moist areas thatmay invite mold.

NoAdditional Cost of Relocating 

Moving is expensive when you count in the cost to makeupgrades, place your house on the market, pay closing costs,and then pay for the move. The price of moving even a short distancecan climb quickly to almost $10,000 – if you are hiring full-service movers,and it can still reach above $1,000 for just a moving van rental. Especially ifyou are expecting a modest net profit on your house, the additional cost torelocate may not be worth it.

RenovationsBuild More Equity

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If you have only been in your house for a few years and youhave a mortgage, your equity in the house may be minimum. As a result, youwould not get much profit from the sale of your home. Instead, you have theopportunity to improve your home with projects that can increase its worth. Anew roof, a kitchen renovation,or a master suite addition, or can all be core changes that will make yourhouse more fascinating to your clients say home renovation companies in Toronto. But be carefulnot to over-improve. A swimming pool in the neighborhood where no other homehas one does not add much value, for example.

Renovation is a pocket-friendly process that allows you to change yourliving environment comfortably as per your requirements. Renovation requiresprecise evaluation, but if not monitored properly, it can end up in a disaster.A few common home renovation mistakes include:

StartingRenovations too Quick

If possible, live in your home for a while before making anydecisions to overhaul. Learn its architecture, where the grocery land, wherethe laundry wants to go, how and where the sun hits it, which way the rainslants, where the choke points are. All of this will inform you about yourchoices when you make your plan to change things.

Miscalculatingthe Cost

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Most jobs will price more and take longer than you expect,so always add 20% to what you think of a project will total when calculatingyour budget. If you do not have the bucks, cut the job back, cautions.

ExpectingEverything to go as Planned

Working on older buildings can yield a lot of abrupt events.Who knows what is behind the wall you are opening up? Buying is morecontrolled, but that does not always mean smooth sailing. Be prepared for theunexpected.

NotHiring a Designer from the Beginning

You will spend more than you ever expected. It may as wellbe for a correctly-designed thing. Interiors designers and architects typicallyeither charge hourly or take a percentage of the overall job (say, 10 %)—asmall sum compared to your total amount.

Goingfor the Cheapest Offer

Good professional help is worth the money. It means todesign, including construction. Be willing to pay for a decent contractor, andbe cautious of the one available right away and is cheap.

Hiringa Professional that’s not Fit for the Job

Just because someone is a good designer does not mean shewill be a good fit for you. Do you have the same aesthetic? Priorities? If heor she does not ask you a lot of questions about your desires, needs, and theway you live. Curiosity and listening skills are essential.


Contact the last three clients of anyone you plan to employ.These people have experienced the person at his or her current level ofachievement and staffing. Reach out to general contractors around you for anarchitect’s references, and vice-versa. And visit your candidates’ job sites tofind out if you like what you see in terms of cleanliness and feel.

Consultinga General Contractor Late:

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Ask a contractor to take a look at plans in the planningstage, rather than at detailed finished plans. It is a perfect way to find outif your project fits within your budget before falling in love with aplan.  And pay for a complete set of biddable paintings. It’s also a niceway to meet potential contractors, get their input, and not waste their time.

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Pretendingto Understand a Design Scheme

Most people can not read blueprints. Instead of eyeballingit, layout a building or room or garden for real. Painters tape tends to be agirl’s best friend. Taping out space works better than any sketch or design appfor understanding how things will fit.

NotAsking Enough Questions

Ask questions until you are completely satisfied. There isno such thing as the dumb ones, and besides, it is your money you are spending.It is your right to know why and on what.

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Why Buy a NewHouse?

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You have been working hard, managing, and saving. You have aperfect credit score, and you’ve saved enough cash for a down payment on yourfirst house. Or, perhaps you are looking to sell your existing home and upgradeto some new homes.

Either way, you might find yourself dealing with a newly constructed home,with great reason.  New construction homes are a good plan for manypotentials buyers. But here are some of the pros and cons to keep in mindbefore you make a final decision:


Newness and Warranties

First and most important, everything in a new home is brandnew. Floors, ceilings, windows, siding, a roof. The whole nine yards. One hugebenefit of this is that few people consider the warranty. Any appliances inyour home will probably come with several years’ worth of warranty. Thefurnace, central air system, water heater, and any kitchen appliances arelikely to be covered for several years under manufacturers’ warranty. Thechances are that your first few years of homeowner ship will incur very few costsfor repairs.


Another added benefit of new homes is productivity. Newappliances tend to use lesser energy than their ancestors. It translatesinto low energy costs. In other words, you will probably spend less onelectricity every month. New construction homes tend to have better insulationthan older homes. It means lower bills to cool and heat your home. Certainproductivity upgrades could even lower your tax bill, so make sure to checkwith your tax adviser to see if you qualify.


If you are thinking of purchasing the home during thepre-construction process, you are likely to receive great flexibility. Mostly,you can customize appliances, paint colors, flooring, and other home features.

Amenitiesand Discounts 

Builders can often give you discounts off the purchaseprice, or be able to push in added niceties. Frequently, a home contractor willoffer you the mortgage options. But remember, a home contractor can never forceyou to use their preferred lender. You always get to choose your own. There isno harm in hearing an offer from your contractor’s preferred lender, but makesure you compare their rates to other lenders and always read the fine print.


Not Perfect as you Thought

Sadly, you can not speculate that a new construction home isin perfect condition. Even though the home is newly constructed, you want tomake sure to have the home inspected by an expert before the purchase. Aqualified inspector will make sure that everything installed properly and ingood working conditions before you sell.


The area or location of newly constructedhomes can often be a little drawback. Developers frequently build a set ofhouses on open land. New suburban developments are typically a bit away fromcity centers. Also, if the home is in a new area, you won’t get much of a feelfor your neighbors before you purchase. Well established neighborhoods offerbuyers more of a chance to assess the character of a particular area beforebuying in.


Lastly, remember that natural delays can get in the way ofhomebuilding. There is always a chance your home build will be delayed due toweather, which could mean a push back on your move-in day. Treat a newlyconstructed home with the same healthy skepticism you would like any home. Getit inspected to make sure that everything is in proper condition. Make sure youthink you will be happy in the area. And always look around for the best loanavailable. Looking around for mortgage interest rates now can mean afuture lower interest rate, and that means lower payments over the entirecourse of the loan.

Home renovation can be an edge to people with limited budgets andresources. But if you finally decided to move to make sure you do extensiveresearch about the location and neighborhood as it will have a significantimpact on your future lives.

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