10 Awesome Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas for a Luxury Vintage Look in 2021

From stately claw-foot tubs to deluxe furnishings, bygone bathroom amenities from over the decades—or even centuries—Old school is winning over modern-day house owners and making a comeback in residential bathrooms all around the country. When it comes to deciding for a bathroom renovation or exploring the bathroom renovation ideas, vintage bathrooms are always in demand.

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Keeping in view the current trends, we will share with you 10 awesome bathroom renovation ideas to give it a luxury vintage look.

Bathroom Renovation Idea no 1: Claw-Foot Tub

A great accent in 19th-century bathrooms, the claw-foot tub continues to make a splash today, valued for its classic silhouette, deep basin, and highly ornamented feet. This claw-foot tub, flanked by two spacious granite countertops, exudes old-world elegance, with its silver-capped feet and handheld showerhead.

Pros and Cons



One of the best things about claw-foot tubs is that their freestanding style accounts for a lot of freedom in terms of placement. Claw-foot tubs work equally well installed anywhere in the bathroom. They can be placed parallel or perpendicular to the wall or in the center of the floor. Depending on the size of the bathroom, a claw-foot tub can act as a very classy centerpiece or can accommodate odd spaces to make a small bathroom seem more aesthetic and natural.


Swapping from the standard bathtub to the claw-foot tub is not nearly a one to one exchange. Claw-foot tubs are almost always bigger in almost every dimension than a standard built-in bathtub – the feet make them look taller, and in addition to being long and deep, you also want to leave a bit of a room around the tub. Claw-foot tubs, especially slipper-style ones, are designed to put your arms on the sides, and you should assure there’s ample space to do so. Cramming a claw-foot tub to a small built-in size is not only uncomfortable but ruins the look, too.



Claw-foot tubs that have a hand shower are much easier to clean than a traditional tub because the flexible shower hose lets you target water to wash and rinse any part of the tub easily. It also lets you wash or rinse big things – like, say, a dog – more easily than you can in a traditional bathtub. The raised feet bring whatever you are washing in the tub to a more comfortable level as well, though the higher walls might make it harder to get a large animal in and out.


The biggest drawback of claw-foot tubs is that they can be quite hard to clean around. That is, cleaning under the tub, around the feet, and behind the tub, if it is against the wall, can be extremely hard. Porcelain tubs are highly vulnerable to staining, scratching, and chipping, which means they need very gentle care, while house owners of authentic antique tubs need to be especially cautious of the finishes.

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Bathroom Renovation Idea no 2: Pedestal Sink

Clear lines and pristine ivory fixtures reflect this traditional bathroom, but it is the shapely pedestal sink that attracts the eye with its unexpected touch of visual variety. While pedestal sinks take less visual and space than a full vanity, they have no storage that a vanity provides. Many pedestal designs incorporate generous ledges that can hold everyday bath and shower essentials.

Source: freepik

Here we present a list of the pedestal sinks pros and cons to keep in mind as you move forward with your home project.


  • Good for smaller spaces
  • Gives your room a more “open” feel
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Highly durable
  • Eradicates countertop clutter


  • No available storage
  • Very little usable counter space
  • Can get more expensive than a small vanity
  • Might detract potential home buyers
  • Might needs a plumber’s expertise and skills to install.
  • Bathroom Renovation Idea no 3: Console Sink

As a stylish alternative to the pedestal sink, homeowners with a nostalgic bent might choose a console sink with a design in which the sink basin is alight, not one, but two legs. The spindle legs and the undulating curves of this sink basin soften the look of the rustic-style brick tiles behind it and find their complement in the circular vanity mirror hovering inches above the sink.


  • The console sinks are much similar to pedestal sinks, but the only difference is that they offer a built-in-storage. The best part about console sinks is that they provide more space at the countertop. There is a room available to place a basket under it.
  • It is one of the simplest ways to add storage as well as texture to the bathroom without occupying any additional space on the floor.
  • Console sinks are either freestanding, i.e., they can either be mounted to a wall or supported on four or two legs. These legs of the console sink can just be simple steel tubes, or they can also be aesthetic posts.
  • The best part of the console sinks is that if the legs are wide enough, then it can also fit in a person. This extra width is known to let some space on either side of the basin for storing any toiletries.
  • With some other designs, you can also add towel bars at both sides of the sink. Even though the extra width is an advantage, however, it can let the sink look too huge, especially if you have small bathrooms.

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Bathroom Renovation Idea no 4: Bathroom Furniture

Furniture in your bath? The concept might be a little strange to modern ears, but this design choice once represented the height of fashion. This Victorian-style bathroom successfully rejuvenates the luxe concept with a selection of jaw-dropping furnishings. The ornate claw-foot tub with gold floor-mounted faucets leaves an unforgettable impression, yet it is the beautiful bench, detailed upholstered chairs, and an elegant dressing table that make this a retreat fit for a queen.

Source: freepik

Bathroom Renovation Idea no 5: Go for Rich Wall Colors

If you crave for the vintage aesthetic, eschew run-of-the-mill neutral tones in favor of rich colors like the all-time favorite dramatic turquoise chosen for this sedate space. The color palette continues throughout the room, palpable in the claw-foot tub, green marble countertops, and dark hardwood floors. Expansive windows that look out on a mesmerizing view keeping the space from feeling claustrophobic.

Source: freepik


When choosing a dark color on walls with a low ceiling, paint the trims the same color to make the walls look taller.


Dark colors can be hard to touch up when there are damages or paint over if you plan to change your mind.

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Bathroom Renovation Idea no 6: Ornate Sink Basins

The sink basin is generally the last place in your bathroom where you may think to add a splash of style, but might be it should be the first. Bedecked with an intricate blue-and-white pattern inspired by the hand-painted Mexican Talavera pottery, the sinks set into this Jack-and-Jill vanity are evolved from purely functional accents into eye-catching pieces of art.


Adding a vessel sink is something that is very unique; it has that kicking factor when you see it. It is not something that you might come across in every bathroom. But you can search vessels in various shapes and styles.

Easy to Install:

They are very easy to install. It is simply cutting a hole into the countertop, depending on what type of countertop you got. For most projects, it is a very easy project for the do it yourself. Because it is so easy to install, you can easily swap the vessel sink in a year or two years if you just wanted to change up the style of your overall bathroom.

More Countertop Space:

The sink mounted on top also provides counter space.

Bathroom Renovation Idea no 7: Octagonal Floor Tile

Cream-colored walls, an unblemished white claw-foot tub, and a wooden privacy screen paint a picture of unassuming beauty in this calming bath. Underlying it all, a crisp white octagonal floor tile with black dot accents delights the eye and energizes the spirits.

Bathroom Renovation Idea no 8: Gold-Rimmed Mirrors

Gilded accents, symbols of wealth and power have embellished both public and private spaces over the centuries. These classy design components work equally well in modern bathrooms. If you are planning for a bathroom renovation, you can opt for this option.

Bathroom Renovation Idea no 9: Separate Hot and Cold Taps

Two-tapped sinks, same as the more contemporary single-spigot design, were very common in Canada in the 19th and early 20th centuries. They continue to be an extra in bathrooms across Toronto, although they are more common in historic houses. But if you are in the look of a more rigorous vintage bathroom, adopt the English tradition.

Source: google

Bathroom Renovation Idea no 10: Stained Glass

Although stained-glass windows are often considered as a purely aesthetic accent, in the setting of a bathroom, they can provide required privacy and seclusion. In this sprawling full bath, stained-glass windows with floral motifs let in sunlight while hiding bathers from the outside world.

Some advantages of stained glass windows are:

  • Versatility – Stained glass is not limited to inoperable picture windows anymore. It can be found on a variety of windows from awning to the casement.
  • Attractive – Stained glass windows are often utilized to add visual appeal to a boring room. The window becomes the center point while leaving the space a personal sleek touch.
  • Privacy – Stained glass windows provide more privacy than any other windows because they are often colored and more hard to see through.

Some of the disadvantages of the stained glass windows include:

  • Limited light – Light can still pass through it, but the detailed designs and dark colors in stained glass windows can lessen the amount of passable light. It makes the room appear a bit darker.
  • Obstructed views – Stained glass windows offer more privacy, but distorted views work both ways. When looking out or in, the scenery can appear blurry and faded in color.
  • Overuse – When utilized as an accent piece, stained glass can often be pleasing to the eye.  Dress an entire room in it, and the look shifts from elegant to gaudy.

A sleek bathroom can increase the resale of your house, letting you earn good money. Bathroom renovation can be tricky, especially if you are a newbie. You need extensive research and on-hand knowledge before you decide. Otherwise, you might end up ruining it and wasting your money. So be very careful. The small bathroom renovation costs can vary depending on the quality of the materials you choose.

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