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    You may find a basement in practically every home in Toronto. Unfortunately, many are incomplete or inadequately rebuilt; it is common to observe poorly insulated basements, illegal electrical and plumbing work, and a variety of other defects.


    When it comes to basement renovations, the possibilities are endless. Our experts will work with you to build a solution based on your ideas and budget, whether you wish to add a game room, wine cellar, bar, & or bathroom.

    A basement bathroom renovation is a significant undertaking! The bathroom is one of the most often utilized rooms in the house. Going over all of your requirements one step at a time is a great way to find a bathroom renovation contractor. Every bathroom renovation job necessitates a particular bit of ingenuity, and it is vital to choose the right business to carry out this task. ASASA Construction, Toronto's leading bathroom renovation contractor, is here to assist. This work necessitates talent, expertise, and certainty, all of which we possess. Our professional staff is pleased with the basement renovations we've completed for our clients throughout the years. Before & after photographs of some of our favorite renovation projects are included here.

    Before & After

    We're here to show you some of our favorite basement renovation projects. You can see before and after photos of our top renovation projects below

    The First Phase

    We created a materials list before beginning the project. We also took precise measurements of the basement to avoid future problems because we want to avoid all the potential issues and provide the most satisfactory service possible to the client. We finally received clearance from the client after a verbal brawl. We went to the local hardware store and bought everything we needed. Before beginning the basement renovation, we extensively inspected the basement

    Before After The First PhaseThe First Phase
    Before After Consultation Consultation


    Our professional conducted a survey on the site at the commencement of the project. We gathered all customer requirements and documented all specifications. Our experts offered the client a FREE Quote, which gave him an idea of the project's costs. This cost estimation provides the client with a picture of the budget needed to use our service, which he found very useful. After considering all of the choices, we develop the project plan.

    Fixtures Removing

    After talking with the customer and the team, our experts begin work on the floor layouts and preliminary designs for the basement renovation project. Our ideas and strategies are influenced mainly by client requests and the project budget that the client has in mind. We scraped the dye away with a scraper to change the color scheme. Then we removed all of the fixtures and obsolete wiring that could cause damage in the future.

    Before After Fixtures Removing Fixtures Removing

    Project Gallery


    Wall, Ceiling, And Floor Sealing

    We placed new tiles on the floor and painted the walls and ceiling because the client wanted an excellent bathroom renovation, so we first inspected the state of the walls and floors. Thoroughly inspected all of the sites for damage. Our experts used the sealing compound to guarantee that the surfaces were waterproofed correctly.

    Before After Wall, Ceiling, And Floor Sealing Wall, Ceiling, And Floor Sealing
    Before After InstallationInstallation


    The fundamental goal was to keep the space large and attractive. It was finally time to plead with the joists for assistance. To maintain the space's exquisite purple vibe, we utilized it on the cupboards rather than the dividers— we provide our client with distinguishing styles and layout blueprints. Our contractors worked very hard to make the bathroom look modern and stylish for our clients. Before beginning the project, we made a list of the supplies required. We also took exact basement measurements to avoid future issues. We begin work after receiving consent from our client.

    Services For Plumbing And Electricity

    It was now time to take care of the plumbing. Because we moved the basin from its initial placement, we need to rebuild all of the plumbing. Our client said the washbasin was supposed to be in the corner. It was now time to put the new washbasin. We fit the washbasin, and the client wants a mirror above the basin. We rewired everything because we needed to ensure that the mirror is set correctly. Our workers performed smartly during the installation process.

    Before After Services For Plumbing And Electricity Services For Plumbing And Electricity



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