Millennials and Home Designs

As more millennials become homeowners, It is no more a surprise that they have also started to impact home designs. Most millennials agree that home design is the most important component. They are using fresh ideas, minimal approach, and a different mindset. They aim to make the place more functional and visually appealing.

Personalized Interior Designs:

Personalization is more important than ever in this modern era. Many millennials want features that meet their exclusive needs. When you work directly with a home contractor, you have the opportunity to build a customized home design plans that you will not see in any other home. Customized interiors should reflect your intimate interests and styles while focusing on quality materials and artisanship. Personalization is a vital component in creating a dream home. Interior designing companies in Toronto are competing to introduce mesmerizing personalized interior designs.

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Multi-Purpose Rooms

While older generations seem to be satisfied with an allocated living room, kitchen, and dining room. Millennials aim to enhance the function of their living spaces by making multifunctional rooms. It could mean that a spare bedroom turned into an office or a closet converted to a pantry. Multipurpose rooms are not just limited to the inside of homes. Outdoors, windows can be added to closed-off porches to create sunrooms, and a BBQ station with outdoor plumbing creates an upscale extension to a home’s kitchen.

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Open Plan

Floor plans are more open and competent than ever before. Millennials don’t have time for hallways! A big kitchen remains essential, but it should flow into the other rooms for easy entertainment. For this reason, millennials are keen on luxury kitchens with a preference for lounge furniture that serves more than one purpose., Another amazing trend to be aware of is the importance of dedicated laundry rooms to this generation. According to home renovation companies in Toronto, 60% of Millennials said theywouldn’t buy a house without one.

Millennials love flexible and open-concept layouts. A proper dining room or a spare bedroom might have been important to their ancestors. But those same spaces are now being re-utilized into art studios, offices. If you’re pondering over selling your house, and don’t want to rupture all the walls to create an open-concept kitchen, consider re-purposing any small rooms (preferably near the plumbing into a laundry room.

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Smart Technology

This generation is born in the world of evolving technology, and they couldn’t imagine their lives without smart devices and other technological wonders. Almost 80% of millennials would rather have a house with technological innovations and smart automation than a kitchen up-gradation. As technology continues to evolve, more homeowners are taking advantage of its abilities. Millennials have become adapted to using technology at every turn, and apart from their cell phones, many seek access to technological advancements in the home.

In modern homes, you will easily find Wi-Fi-enabled technology introduced into nearly every other electrical peripheral. You can now conveniently control your home’s lights, air conditioner, heater, speakers, television, and appliances with the touch of a button. A wide range of electrical components in your home can be attached to your phone or computer to control items even when you are out of the house. Advance technology has impacted home renovation in Toronto, making it easier for the owners to manage their stuff. 

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Low Maintenance

Millennials are now working longer hours and spending more time away from home. It leaves them with a few hours in the week to thoroughly clean and sustain a home. For this reason, many young homeowners opt for a home design that is minimal and requires low-maintenance. In addition to owning fewer items, homeowners often search for materials that require less care, such as faux wood floors or ventless fireplaces. Surfaces that need constant dusting, such as built-in bookcases, are now being avoided in favor of tablets, which can help you to read books digitally. Rather than seeing the home as a place that should be convenient for sitting around or entertainment.

Millennials tend to look over their home as a place to take care of the important necessities of life before hitting out into the world to pursue their diverse interests. This kind of attitude, combined with less money and time, means that Millennials put a premium on low maintenance building materials.

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Kitchens Evolved

Millennials may not host Sunday family lunches as a high priority, but they do enjoy cooking, especially experimenting with different techniques and flavors. However, this generation values efficiency the most. Minimalistic design, multifunctional storage, and energy-efficient appliances are essential kitchen features for them. Millennials are also against unnecessary waste. It is visible across the globe, but perhaps the most in Canada. Canadian millennials believe that units that require minor fixes and don’t waste too much energy are a worthy investment. More than half of the millennials would prioritize luxury features in the kitchen over all other areas of the home. While a majority of respondents often cook and spend a huge amount of time in the kitchen. Natural wood, dark-stained, and distressed wood are among the most popular options for cabinetry style. 

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This generation is the most sustainability-focused than ever. The millennials are looking for new renewable energy sources within apartment blocks, sharing resources, supporting independent businesses, and using green materials.  Most millennials are interested in solar panels for their homes and show a deep interest in growing their food. Gardening has positive effects on our environment and works well with healthy living trends. Expect to see more small gardens, window-box gardens, or community gardens where this generation resides. Millennials have frequently heard about preventing global warming, eating a clean diet, living green, preserving water, and living a sustainable life. To older generations, the changes required by such principles may seem dubious or suspicious at first; to Millennials, they are cost-effective no-brainers. A house with sustainable features is, therefore, more likely to sell to a Millennial than a less green-friendly house of the same price.

Millennials’ influence on demand and famous trends knows no boundaries. The home design trends today are all about flexibility, sustainability, and natural effect interiors – easy to live in, yet stylish and unobtrusive. Most important is the awareness of environmental challenges we face globally is translating into eco-friendly lifestyles. It’s a change worth celebrating.

As the millennials are getting more and more conscious about their living environment, the trends are continuously transforming. With unique designs and creative ideas, the millennials are taking the multi-billion industry sky-high.

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