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    ASASA Construction offers the services you need to convert your basement into an excellent legal basement apartment. Contact us to get the best legal basement renovation services.

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    ASASA Construction - Your Legal Basement Contractor

    legal basement

    If your basement has idle sitting, consider turning it into a legal basement apartment. It might sound idealistic, yet by furnishing your basement with all the furniture you want, replacing the wiring, fixing the ventilation, and adding touch-ups, your guests will feel comfortable.

    The team at ASASA Construction has years of experience with legal basement renovation services as per building regulations. We are the best legal basement renovation contractors in Toronto. We plan your project after a careful property walkthrough has been made while evaluating the space and assuring our clients about the quality basement finishing we can provide so that they can be sure of the validity of our legal basement renovation.

    A completed basement should combine rationality, usefulness, and imagination, and ASASA Construction is a reputed renovation contractors in Toronto. we can assist you with accomplishing that equilibrium. Understanding what works in your basement is the initial step required for us to perform the renovations you'd like.

    basement renovation services

    You are at the right place if you are looking for the best legal basement renovation services in Toronto. At ASASA Construction, we have a team of high-tech, determined, and concerned experts who rely on using quality materials and delivering incredible basements at a reasonable price for our customer's needs. Toronto is one of the loveliest urban areas on this planet, and we need to recreate the feel of nature encompassing it within our homes and work environment.

    We work hard to guarantee your renovation and remodeling dreams. Our remodeling experts are devoted and energetic, and they are skilled, prepared, and experienced enough to renovate in Toronto. We have the top legal basement renovation contractors for your legal basement project. ASASA Construction is one of the best legal basement renovation companies in Toronto.

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    Converting Basement into Legal Apartment in Toronto

    Converting Legal Basement into Rental Apartment

    Converting Legal Basement into Rental Apartment

    Make sure your property is legalized before you start changing your basement into a rental apartment. Building regulations and other significant guidelines are liable to the property's location. Try not to waste your money and time by getting correct data from appropriate experts rather than thinking the project isn't as important. In addition, we as the best legal basement renovation contractors we will assist you with planning, assuming that the guidelines permit the change of basements into a legal basement apartment.

    You can make a couple of basement upgrades to resemble an apartment. However, that isn't sufficient. Your legal basement apartment should pass professional reviews in a like manner to guarantee this new living space has everything your future resident needs. Assuming that the basement renovation project is practical, it's an ideal opportunity to start.

    Get your Basement Designed by Expertsal

    Get your Basement Designed by Experts

    It's an ideal opportunity to avoid your DIY abilities and hire an expert legal basement renovation contractors engineer, designer, or modeler to design the basement apartment plan. ASASA Construction is a trusted company consisting of a team of experts. Our experts consider general well-being, preventive measures, and legal fundamentals when planning our customers' legal basement renovation.

    It's ideal to hire a certified, talented, and experienced construction company to draw the basement renovation designs. Our experts understand what you should incorporate and what type of licenses you need for your legal basement apartment in Toronto. We always try to provide complete satisfaction and on-time work delivery to build trust and goodwill with our customers.

    Basement renovation requirements

    Basement renovation requirements

    The entire basement renovation project should follow clear guidelines to guarantee the apartment is all right for your tenants. ASASA Construction can assist with ensuring that your legal basement apartment meets these rules and regulations.

    A legal basement apartment regulates under Chapter 150 of Toronto Zoning by-Law 569-2013. The law expresses the accompanying:

    • An optional apartment permits in townhouses, separate, and semi-separated homes.
    • Townhouses can have one other apartment.
    • Additional entry and parking as construction requirements can be more expensive than the Ontario Codes. You should go through Chapter 150 of the By-Law to get more data.
    Areaway and Secondary Exits

    Areaway and Secondary Exits

    New basement apartments must have emergency exits. Ensure that a safe and unobstructed exit is provided from the apartment to the outside. Depending on your location, specific regulations concerning the size and number of exits your converted basement apartment must have. An areaway is an absolute necessity for your apartment.

    Your legal basement apartment is permitted to have a joint entrance with the central staying unit, provided that the two of them have an interconnected smoke alert. If the essential entry is through the primary unit, the subsequent unit should have a separate exit. However, there are several common violations in basement apartments you must keep in mind and avoid while planning your project. At ASASA Construction, we will assist you with guidelines and guarantee you to do everything the right way. Likewise, we will help you get the proof that your basement apartment is legal so you can furnish it to the authorities on demand.

    Is it feasible to convert a basement into a rental space?

    Is it feasible to convert a basement into a rental space?

    The ultimate advantage of a legal basement renovation service is that it can provide you with extra rental pay space and possibly increase the general worth of your home. However, it should be in consideration of applicable laws.

    Reasonable Rental Income Under Your Roof

    Imagine a setup in which we tell you that there's a great source of extra income right under your rooftop. If you're thinking about another form, ask your legal basement renovation contractor to design an additional apartment with a spare room, kitchen, restroom, and separate entryway. A separate entrance makes it simple for tenants to get to their apartment without upsetting your privacy. The idea is to make your rental unit look and feel private, welcoming, and admirable.

    Increase Resale Value of Your Property

    Increase Resale Value of Your Property

    Homebuyers would take the opportunity to get a property that would become a good source of income. The decision you make in building a basement or extra apartment could deliver incredible profits keeping in mind it's an ideal opportunity to sell. The additional area and pay will make your home the perfect property available.

    As a Toronto-ensured landowner, you have rental receipts to prove your home's capacity to get a rewarding pay for another selling advantage. Indeed, even buyers disagree on leasing and will not have the option to oppose purchasing a house with additional room, visitor quarters, or private space.


    ASASA Construction is here to provide you with its expert renovation team, the best and most professional work.

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    Here you can see how you can change your basement into a legal basement apartment. Below you can see the before and after images of different projects.


    After our experts planned this office with many modern elements, we converted it into a premium office focusing on wooden highlights, solid tones, and sports. The roof open (yet painted) impressively pares down the financial plan with precise warming ventilation work.



    The outcome is a complete basement renovation. We created two zones: half for diversion and half for a workout. The work zone additionally separates into hers-and-his areas. Our experts carefully added lots of light to perk up the basement, including recessed lights and a crystal fixture.


    With the kids' playthings moved to the terrace, our legal basement remodels perfectly represent how to re-reason an overlooked area of the house to a great level. An oversized sectional sofa welcomes the family to gather, snack, talk and play around. Brilliant pendant lights, alongside recessed lights, light up and perk up the space.

    Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Us

    Joining our extensive information and legal basement renovation service is the perfect decision for all your home remodeling needs. We can handle all your renovations from basement to bathroom, which is just the beginning. We can design most indoor renovation projects, depending on the size and level of the work. We use business-grade steel for most activities. At ASASA Construction, we have quality legal basement renovation contractors to provide Quality legal renovation services to our clients in Toronto.

    Our experts will finish your legal basement renovation project on time. We work to give a perfect legal basement apartment according to your vision. You can choose between numerous choices for the flooring of your basement. Take your pick between cover, Luxury Vinyl Plank, earthenware tile, or designed hardwood flooring. We can assist you in picking what's best for your space. Safety is the quickest part of a home renovation project, and we can generally finish the safety within a couple of hours. We use steel outlining provoked protection.

    After the drywall has been held and taped, it is ideal for constructing windows, entryways, and trim. Let us assist you with choosing the perfect "extras" to feature your new space. Let us stress over the canvas, so you don't need to.



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