Kitchen Renovation in Mississauga, Ontario

Project Detail

Kitchen Renovation in Mississauga, Ontario

As we have been in the business from the past ten years and catered thousands of kitchen renovation projects until now. Recently a client called to renovate his kitchen. He wanted to transform his kitchen according to his desires and wanted a little more cooking and sitting space. Our team gave him FREE Consultation in the beginning as we always do for his convenience.


Requirement Gathering and Planning

We heard all his requirements initially and noted them down. Keeping all his demands in mind, we made a 3D visualization design model and presented it to the client. 3D Design gives the client an idea about the look of the final product. We provide a FREE Quote before the project starts to let the client have a clue about the cost estimation of the project. After giving him all the information, we asked him for his approval which he did immediately. That’s how the kitchen looked when we took over kitchen renovation job:

We started by removing the refrigerator and placed it in the opposite direction to make room for a new cabinet. As we are a complete package, so we provided electrical services as well in the same budget, and our client was ecstatic about that. We left the cooking range in the same place because there couldn’t have been a better place for it. Next task was to install a small cabinet in the free space. We presented a variety of designs to the client and after his approval proceeded further. With the consent of our client, we chose a cabinet with two cupboards and three drawers to enhance the storage capacity.

Countertop, Sink & Backsplash

Our client wanted a black quartz countertop, so we did that. Next thing on the list was a replacement of the sink, and we went for the one with two cupboards. We installed a fancy vertical design of the tap after approval from the client. It added to the overall beauty of the kitchen. Then came the job of adding backsplash tiles over the cabinet. We presented shades of black and grey and installed the one finalized by the client. We moved the cooking range a little forward while installation of tiles rather than disconnecting it to save time and adjusted it on the same spot after completing the process. That’s how it looked like after installation: