Floor Tile Installation in Markham

Project Detail

One of our regular clients contacted us lately as he was looking for a contractor to provide him floor installation service. He wanted us to install floor tiles in his entrance hall. Flooring is an integral part of every household and plays an important role in determining the ambiance of a house. ASASA Construction is a leading Licensed and Insured Contractor in GTA with a decade of experience in delivering the most efficient services. In this project description, we will give a review of the journey of this project from start till end.


Site Survey

At the start of the project, our team visited the site to conduct a survey. Our professionals analyzed the condition of the floor and all the possible options were examined.


We gathered all the requirements from the client in detail and penned them down. Different samples for tiles matching the requirements were shown to the client. Our professionals provided satisfactory answers to all the queries of the client. We suggested the client to fulfill all his demands within his budget and explained ways to squeeze the expenses without giving up on quality. After gathering all the information from the client, we presented a FREE Quote about the project containing all the financial details. This cost estimation included the price of the tiles and our service charges and aided the client in allocating the budget.

Water Proofing

During the examination of the floor, we found out a certain area that needed leveling and waterproofing. The floor looked like this when we started work: