Project Detail of Master Ensuite Bathroom Renovation in Oakville

Project Detail

Project Detail of Master Ensuite Bathroom Renovation

ASASA presents you another project, this time it was a Master Ensuite Bathroom Renovation in Oakville. The clients were excited to have us over. Our clients were a family from Oakville. The husband and his wife had been living with their kids in Oakville for a long time, and it was ages since they got their house renovated. Let me give you a little flashback, so what happened was that this family contacted a renovation company and very really excited to have their bathroom renovated, but the things didn’t go as planned. A dark cloud formed over their heads when they found out that the contractor and the team that hired had disappeared after taking the money. They did show up one day and demolished a little, but the second day they never showed up. The family was devastated as they left the house in a mess that affected their kids, so they wanted a new team. They contacted us and asked for help. We dispatched to their rescue.  We did the complete en suite bathroom renovation in 5 days. Our team gave all their hearts to the project making sure that the clients are satisfied once we are done with the project. We aimed to make the client’s jaw drop.

The clients were freaked out because of their previous experience. Our consultation manager sat and talked with the clients to have an idea of what they wanted. After a little brainstorming and some talk, we concluded that we would add Master Ensuite Bathroom in the basement. After everything was finalized, we presented them with our proposal, which they loved. We finally got the good to go we were waiting for. We also discussed the color scheme and the couple were fond of white so they wanted us to use white as the base color.

Gathering our Remodeling Tools and Supplies

Some of the essential tools used in the renovation are:

  • Safety mask
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Caulking gun
  • Silicone sealant
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Spackle knife
  • Spackle
  • Stud finder
  • Power drill
  • Pry barc
  • Bucket
  • Chisel
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Hacksaw
  • Utility knife
  • Chalk line
  • Extension cord

We started by slowly removing the drywall, making sure that it doesn’t get damaged. We were ready to go all ninjas on the tiles. We slowly removed all the tiles from the floor and prepared them for. The next step was to gut the basement. We started by draining and removing the toilet to avoid any unpleasant spills. Next, we removed the bathtub. We covered up the tub and started removing the bath tile down to the studs. It is necessary to rework the plumbing to fit your new shower/tub design.  Later we removed the insulation from the walls. We did not use a hammer on the insulation, instead  we used a reciprocating saw to cut out the panels. We wore safety masks, gloves, and goggles as a safety measure. Finally, we removed the cabinets, vanities, mirrors, floor tiles, and any other features you plan to replace. When we were removing tile flooring, we also removed the baseboards to reinstall them later. Although removal of all the features was technical during complete en suite bathroom renovation

After we got done with gutting the bathroom, it was now time to install the new fixtures. The owners wanted to replace the bathtub with a standing shower. In terms of shapes of the standing shower, we gave them these choices:

  • Rectangular
  • Circle
  • Square
  • Pentangle (base with one corner cut off)

The base shape we choose will determine the overall layout, so we had to make sure that we take into account the other features of the bathroom beforehand, including the location of the door. With the shower out of the way, we then move forward to install the new custom vanity with drawers and Quartz countertop that gave the bathroom sleek modern look cabinets. We hooked up the drain with the sink. We also installed a freestanding tub to make it more appealing.

Lay Down Your New Floor Tiles

A bathroom makeover is incomplete without new floor tiles. Before we start grinding away with the grouting and begin custom pattern tile installation, we used a mason’s chalk line to mark the reference lines perpendicular (at a 90-degree angle) to the wall with the longest continuous line. It allowed us to keep the tiles in a straight line, avoiding the dreaded crooked tiling job and proving our clients with the best experience. We used grout to stick the tiles to the floor. We slowly placed all the tiles making sure that no tile gets damaged in the process. After we were done placing on the tiles we left it to dry.

Place the New Drywall and Start Painting

At this point, the Master Ensuite Bathroom makeover started to take shape. The next step was to hang the new drywall. It was a long process as we had to cut the new drywall to fit around the vanity and any other features. We were able to work briskly after we started nailing the boards.

Finish Hooking Up the Plumbing

At this point, the bathroom started to look like a bathroom, except for one thing: the toilet. We could have installed the toilet earlier in the process, but leaving it for last helps avoid chipping it while working on other parts of the bathroom.

Adding Finishing Touches to Wrap Up the Bathroom Renovation

The last finishing touch was to install the trim around the room and the mirrors. The trim is the capstone for each bathroom remodel as it provided the detail the bathroom needed to feel complete. We installed the electrical outlets and pot lights to make it more attractive and breath catching.

After we were done with the Complete Master Ensuite Bathroom Renovation, we gave the client a surprise visit to her newly transformed bathroom. The clients were pretty excited to see their newly transformed bathroom. Their happiness was the award for our extended hard work and our team’s tireless efforts. Without our core team it would not have been possible. The clients ended up giving us a positive review which helped us in boosting our morals to the next level. The client assured us that they will definitely contact us for any future renovations and they highly recommended our services to their family and friends.

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