Complete Bathroom Renovation in Oakville

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Complete Bathroom Renovation in Oakville

A client of ours contacted us recently for bathroom renovation in Oakville.  Like all other services, our bathroom renovation service is also top-notch. ASASA Construction is an Insured and Licensed company in GTA with an experience of over ten years. We offer the most convenient and reliable services for all your renovation and remodeling needs. This project description will tell you about the step by step development of the project.



At the start of the project, our professionals visited the site for conducting a survey. We gathered requirements from the client and noted down all the specifications. Our professionals provided a FREE Quote to the client that gave him an insight into the expenses of the project. This cost-estimation gave the client an idea about the budget of our service and he found it be very convenient. After assessing all the options, a plan was devised for the project.

Preparation of Floor, Walls and Ceiling

The complete renovation included a freshly tiled floor, tiled shower wall, other walls, and ceiling painted. So, the first step was to check the condition of the walls and ceiling. Our professionals done a detailed examination to point out any damages or cracks. A compound was applied to the affected areas to get an even surface. Our workers are given the compound ample time for drying before working on them.

Installation of Tiles on the Floor and Shower Wall

After the compound on the walls dried completely, we moved onto installing tiles on the floor and shower wall. Our workers started installing the tiles from the midpoint of the wall. The mortar’s consistency was neither too moist nor too dry to ensure better adhesion of the tiles with the surface. Spacers were applied on every tile for equal spacing between pieces. The tiles were left for a suitable time to dry properly. You can see the tiled shower wall and floor after installation in the photo below:

Walls and Ceiling Painting

The next tasks were painting the walls and ceiling. As we finalized the paints during requirement gathering so we started working straight away. The ceiling was painted white and the walls were painted purple for giving the bathroom a customized look. Our workers applied even coats for a better appearance of the surfaces. As we also provide electrical services so we installed a light on the ceiling on the client’s demand.

Installation of Seat and Sink

Then we moved on to installing a toilet and sink. ASASA Construction offers everything under one roof, so we also provided plumbing services to the client. Our professionals started off by installing the toilet. The drainage and water connection were checked for any leakages. The client wanted a white ceramic sink with two-door wooden vanity so we provided them. After installing a toilet, sink and vanity were installed efficiently.

Shower Installation

The final step was the installation of a shower. We finished the shower floor with sealant and applied white paint. Then the shower was installed by our plumbers. We chose the tap and shower design compatible with the shower case. To give the shower case a modern and classy look, we installed a glass door and got great feedback from the client about the look and quality of the door. We installed the glass door efficiently without any problems and checked its functionality for confirmation. The final product was presented to the client and he was blown away by our work. Bathroom renovation in Oakville is one of our most demanded services. We were also very content after getting good feedback from the client. The final look of the bathroom is given below:

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