Complete Bathroom Renovation in Mississauga

Project Detail

Complete Bathroom Renovation in Mississauga

Bathroom renovation in Mississauga was a challenging and interesting project at the same time. A client contacted us to do a full renovation of their bathroom. ASASA Construction provides state of the art remodeling and renovation services for commercial and residential purposes. All our services are top-notch in quality and convenience, and our bathroom renovation service is no different. We have a team of highly competent and professional individuals who are experts in their fields. They can cater to all types of requirements from the client. Let us go through the step by step progress of the project.


Site Survey & Consultation for Bathroom renovation in Mississauga

Initially, our team visited the site for examination. We gathered the requirements of the client and noted down every minute detail to prevent any confusion during working. After collecting all the information about the budget and needs of the client, we provided the most appropriate proposal to the client. We presented a FREE Quote of the project and a 3D design model of the final project to the client. The client was pleased to find out these services as it helped him to get an accurate idea about the expenses of the project and the final look of the bathroom after completion.

Floor & Wall Tiling

The first step of the project was replacing the tiles on the floor and walls of the bathroom. After reading the client’s mindset, our team presented lots of samples matching the specifications. After the client finalized one design, we arranged and showed them to the client for confirmation. Our professionals examined the surface of the ground and the walls to check the leveling. After making certain adjustments, we started installing tiles. We took special care to ensure that the interlocking of the pieces is done right without any gaps in-between. You can see the floor and wall during installation in the photo.

After installation, we sealed the gaps and did waterproofing of the floor and the wall.

Seat & Bathtub Installation

The next task was the installation of a bathtub and commode. We presented several samples of white tubs and commodes to the client, and after he selected them, we proceeded further. As ASASA Construction provides plumbing services also, so our plumbers installed the tub and commode expertly without any leaks and drainage problems. Our workers tightly sealed the tub and toilet for waterproofing.  We installed a shower, tap, and a metallic wall hanger next to the bathtub as per the client’s requirements. You can see bathtub and commode after installation in the photo:

Wall Finishing

As our client asked us to play around a white color scheme, so we presented multiple samples of white wall paints. After the client selected one, we started finishing the process. First of all, our team examined the condition of the wall and applied compounds on the damaged area to level the surface. We provided the most efficient paint job for the walls with even coats. We did proper waterproofing and also installed wall and ceiling trims.

Rack, Mirror, Sink and Vanity Installation

The next step in the project was the installation of a rack, mirror, sink, and vanity. During requirement gathering, the client told us that he wanted the white sink and a wooden look for the vanity, but we were unsure that it would be the right combination. Our professionals went through many wooden designs for vanity and chose a dark brown shade. We recommended it to the client as we wanted to create harmony amongst different elements of the bathroom. The client loved the look of it and wanted us to do the mirror framing and rack in the same color. Our professionals completed the installation of sink and vanity efficiently. We took special care in detailing of the water connections to ensure that finishing everything is done right. You can see the look of the sink, vanity, and mirror after installation in the photo given below:

After installing wall mirrors, we moved onto rack installation. The client wanted us to increase the storage place, and the available space was not enough. So, our team decided to provide samples of vertically elongated racks with multiple compartments. The client selected one with five sections, so we installed it. We also installed a round metallic hanger on the wall between rack and mirror for the client’s convenience. That is how the rack looked after installation:

Door Installation & Lighting

Our team selected a plain white door after the consent of the client. We took all the measurements initially and delivered the most efficient installation one can imagine. After installation, we checked the opening and closing of the door to check for any friction or noise, but there was none. We also installed white trim and a golden doorknob to give it a fancy look. After completing the door installation, our electricians installed lights on the walls and ceiling. Our professionals also examined the electrical connections to confirm that there are no issues in the wiring. After completion of the bathroom renovation in Mississauga project, we presented the final product to the client, and he was thrilled to see the detailing of our work. You can see the final look of the bathroom after the completion of the project: