Complete Bathroom Renovation in Markham

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Complete Bathroom Renovation in Markham

Recently, a client contacted us who wanted an exclusive bathroom renovation in Markham. ASASA Construction is a leading company in GTA with experience over ten years. We provide the best construction, remodeling, and renovation services to clients. Our professional team consists of dedicated and committed individuals who have required skillset and equipment to deliver the best service imaginable. The scope of our service is wide best suited to cater to all kinds of requirements from the client. Let us go through the process of the bathroom renovation in Markham step by step:


Requirement Gathering and Site Survey

Initially, our professional team visited the location to gather requirements and site surveys. We list down all the needs of the client in detail to avoid any confusion and hassle in the middle of the project. Our professionals surveyed the site and examined all the possibilities and available options to fulfill requirements. We completed and saved all the findings of the site survey and presented them to the client to make him aware of the real situation.


After gathering all the requirements, we offered the client a FREE Consultation. We discussed every aspect of the project from budget to time. Our professionals gave the most appropriate suggestions to the client to fulfill all his requirements in the budget. We delivered a FREE Cost Estimation of the whole project containing all the details of the expenses required for the desired service. Our professionals also presented different ideas to cut down the expenses of the project. After concluding all the demands of the client, we made a 3D Design model of the final product and presented it to the client. The client was pleased to look at the model as it made him visualize the final look of his bathroom after completion.

Floor & Wall Tiles

The client wanted to replace the tiles on the floor and walls of the bathroom. Our team presented a lot of samples matching the desired specifications. After the client finalized one design, we arranged them and showed them to the client for confirmation. Initially, our professionals examined the surface of the ground and the walls to check the leveling. After making certain adjustments, we started installing the tiles. We took special care during this process to ensure that the interlocking of the pieces is done right without any gaps in-between.

Shower Installation

The first task was to install a shower, so we examined the site thoroughly. That’s how the shower looked when we took over the project.

As the client wasn’t happy with the tiles on the wall, so we started by revamping the tiles. We adjusted the interlocking of different pieces which had gaps between them. After doing interlocking properly, we sealed the joints for an effective waterproofing of the walls. ASASA Construction offers a wide range of services under one roof to provide a hassle-free service to its customers. Once the team was done with waterproofing, they installed shower spray and tap efficiently. We provided finishing service for the floor to enhance its appearance. The client wanted to install a glass door in the shower, so we offered a variety of designs to the client. After the client finalized one, we installed it and checked its working for confirming that the job is done right.

Ceiling and Wall Finishing

The next step was to finish the outer walls of the shower, so our professionals inspected the state of the wall and ceiling. We applied the compound to the damaged areas to even out the surface for painting. We opted for white paint on the walls and ceiling to give it a spacious look. Our professionals applied the most efficient painting service with even coats and proper detailing and finishing to boost the look of the walls. Our electrician also installed lights on the ceiling and the walls.

Installation of Bathroom Accessories

The next task in the project was the installation of a sink, vanity, mirror, and commode. We started by installing commode, and our plumbers did the most efficient job and ensured that there were no flaws in the water connection or drainage. Then came the turn of the sink and vanity installation. As the client wanted a white sink and wooden vanity, we presented a wide range of specified options. The client selected a plain white ceramic sink with a decent looking metallic tap.

A classic wooden vanity was chosen with two sections and doors. We installed the vanity, sink, and tap effectively and checked if everything was running properly. Then we installed a beautiful mirror on the wall. After installing the light over the mirror, we presented the final product to the client. He was delighted to see the transformed bathroom. Our this project “bathroom renovation in Markham” is one of the most interesting projects. We were satisfied after getting positive feedback from the client. That is how the shower and bathroom looked after completion.

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