Complete Custom Bathroom Remodeling in Brampton

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Complete Custom Bathroom Remodeling in Brampton

One of our clients approached us for a custom bathroom remodeling project in Brampton. Custom Bathroom remodeling is one of our specialties. If you are looking for the best Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Toronto, you can count on us. When designing a bathroom, it is essential that we incorporate every feature that is possible. We were keen on choosing the most stylish features that can fit both the space and the budget of the client. Keeping this in mind, we asked the client for his opinion on the matter. A detailed survey was carried out by our professionals. We showed him many designs that featured a modern look. There was a lengthy discussion after which go-ahead was given once the client was fully satisfied.


Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom needed some substantial remodeling. For initiating the custom bathroom remodeling, the first and foremost task was to remove the previous tiles and all the bathroom accessories. When the home was first constructed, the bathroom was state of the art, with all the latest accessories and design components. However, all of them were outdated now, so we had to change everything.

The tiles were removed along with the tub, old plumbings, and toilet. The homeowner wanted to increase the space and put in some modern aesthetics. The floor tiles were changed, adding a pattern which is popular nowadays with many of our customers.

The issue of space also needed resolving. The bathtub was removed altogether to increase the area for storage cabinetry. It was felt that an adequate increase in the closet space was required. One side of the bathroom was dedicated to the closets, sinks, and storage towers.

Water had also begun leaking through the pipes, which rotted the floors and the cabinet. The homeowners wanted to remodel their bathroom and increase their closet space, so a complete do-over was done.


Whether the ventilation was achieved via a window or an exhaust fan, adequate ventilation is a pivotal feature for both the immediate function and long-term condition of the bathroom. Keeping this in mind, we made sure that sufficient points of exit were there for quick and thorough ventilation.

Sink & Vanity Unit

Double sink vanity was selected to increase the functionality of the bathroom. The Quartz countertop was installed to which are known to be sturdy and provide a look to the whole section of the bathroom. Silver faucets were handpicked to match the color of the countertop and the white paint of the cupboards and storage towers.

In a bathroom, we know that every minute detail matters. We had to be keen when choosing all the details, from the tile work to the lighting and wall color. Every aspect of the scheme was chosen to bring out a unique character and stand out exceptionally well.


When you first step inside the bathroom, you notice the shower. Our team had assessed from the start that there was a potential for a shower enclosure, so we showed the client different designs. He was happy to approve our recommended proposal. We installed custom frameless glass walls to enclose the shower.

The showerhead and body jet panel were mounted, which gave the bathroom a super trendy look. This particular model dispenses water at a much-reduced pressure, which allows for a more even flow. We special ordered it, putting in the highest quality that can be found in the market. The installation was done by an expert plumber.

A mosaic shower bed was chosen to match the custom design of the shower enclosure. The notch was installed to place in shampoo, body wash, and other products.


The old toilet was replaced with a newer model. It saves precious space, and low-flow models help save water every time you flush. It is a smart choice that increases the value of your bathroom. The model that we chose is appropriate for all bathrooms styles, especially for one with modern and contemporary decors.

This particular project will give you all the inspiration you need to transform your ordinary looking shower into a space you’d love. The bath looked very outdated, and nothing stood out. The old toilet and bathtub made this particular place a great candidate for a fabulous makeover. So, what you are waiting for? Call and book your FREE Consultation now!

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