Curbless Shower-7 Myths Regarding Curbless Shower by ASASA

Curbless showers aregenerally associated with old or disabled people. A curbless shower cancertainly be a requirement for a grandma, a person on the wheelchair or someonewith mobility issues can safely enjoy their bath using a curbless shower.According to our experts, a curbless shower can be cool,contemporary, and stylish. These showers offer a functional design that isgoing to last long. Let’s have a peek at some of the myths related to bathroom shower installation thatwe hear quite often:

Barrier-free Showers are notContemporary Shower

If you are the one who is in love with mesmerizing andminimalist contemporary design, one level designs are usually a great optionwhen you have a limited bathroom space. It is really helpful because bathroom spacesare usually small, and one larger room can create a sense of comfort and style.

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You Need a Big Bathroom for Level One Shower

Creating a curbless shower in a small bathroom takesmore plan than just picking up a plain fiberglass pan from your local store. Awet room might not be as mystifying as contractors make you think. A great tipis to get the right system, so you do not have to go through the core ordeal ofcutting joists and lowering the height of the subfloor. The Simplest way tocreate a one-level wet room shower in a small place is to use a base former andwaterproofing kit. The base former comes in different sizes as small as 32”x32”to accommodate very small showers.

A Door Cannot be Added to theCurbless Shower

Some people adore the design aesthetics of a clean lookingdoorless walk in a shower. Still, others feel passionate about having a door tokeep the showering space warmer- especially during the cold winter months. Ifyou want to enjoy both, you can choose either a frameless glass enclosure or ashower screen. It will help you to stay warm and easy to get in.

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No One Around Me has an Idea of What They are Doing When Installinga Curbless Shower

It may be true that there is research that you can do, whichcan give you a list of potential contractors who have some knowledge and skillsat this task.  First, I would recommend going to the National Associationof Home Builders website and look for the contractors that have a CAPSdesignation (this stands for Certified Aging in Place Specialist). Yes, Ifyou can get a professional in this product – get them. If you cannot, find anexpert roll in shower supplier who can help your contractor get theirhands around this type of installation when they are a ‘newbie.’ Thesesuppliers might have systems like the one level acrylic pans with linear drainsor one level wet room systems with the shower base formers.

Not Many Products are Available inthe Market for a Curb free Shower Pans:

As the need and desire, the products have grown consistentlywith demand. A famous one-level curbless shower pan makes it simple toinstall a one-level bathroom without cutting floor joists. Thesecond option is the expanded polystyrene that is created, especially for thetile shower pan. Without this pan, you can place it on the subfloor and thetile over it, and you have the barrier-free shower. Finally, we have one lastoption that you use a ramped soil surface shower pan. They come in 50 colorswith both smooth and matt finishes.

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You Cannot Have a Lot of Water Resources in an Open Shower

It is so not true if you use a wet room shower system.You will waterproof the entire bathroom floor. You can create an environmentsimilar to the spa, while a lot of water might be fun but not anenvironment-friendly way.

Bathroom and Shower Design Should beSimple for a One-level Shower

In many ways, it is relatively easier to create an elaboratetile design with an open shower because the shower and bathroom are on theplace without having to close the shower.

Building ashower base is not that hard. With a little research, youwill be able to install the curbless shower perfectly, giving your bathroom asleek contemporary look that you wished. You might require professional help,and for that ASASA Construction, the best bathroom renovation contractor in Toronto got you covered.

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