10 Important Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before Hiring

Choosing the right contractor for residential or commercialrenovation is tricky. Renovation is not an everyday thing, so youshould be picky about it. After all, you are going to pour your hard-earnedmoney into something you love.  And I am sure you want it to be perfect.If you do not have proper management, there are chances that you might end upin a disaster. For your contractor, this might be just another job, but foryou, it’s your home. You are the one paying the contractors. It gives you aright to ask your contractor any question you want from thestart till the end. Do not shy out from asking questions, or in the end, youmight end up regretting it.

You work hard day and night to save enough for the house renovation.You want the perfect, but for that, you might want to do a little research.There’s plenty of companies that provide home construction services in Canada and can give you excellent service at an affordableprice.

Can we Sign a Contract?

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After you finalize your contractor, the first thing you should do is signa contract. It is the only legal way that will protect you and your contractor incase of a mishap or a misunderstanding. Just think that you wanted hardwoodflooring, but he installed tiles. In this case, the contract will help you ifyou agreed on a specific price for specific work. Every minute detail should bein the contract to avoid any future disputes to avoid later conflicts.Likewise, if you agreed for hardwood, and later you insist tiles, this willprotect the contractor. A contractor who is not willing to sign a contract isnot the one you want. Just remember a good contractor should have all hispermits in place and is willing to sign a contract.

Can You Define a Timeline For This Project?

It is important as a homeowner for you to know the start andthe finishing date of the project. You should discuss all the details andclarify what you want to avoid any conflicts. You are the one paying, so it isyour contractor’s responsibility to satisfy you. Make sure you ask for adetailed timeline to stay updated about the deadlines of the project. This way,you will be able to oversee everything precisely. You should keep in mind anypotential delays that occur due to some reasons.  A few additional questionsthat you can ask related to the timeline are:

  • Are you working on any other recent projects that can affectour schedule?
  • How will we address any changes in our timeline?
  • Do you have any bid that has yet to be finalized and couldaffect us in any way?

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How Long Have You Been Working?

Local contractors shouldbe doing top-notch renovations to stay in the market. You will often get tohear about good contractors from your friends or family. If a contractorhas been working in your neighborhood for several years, it’s a good sign. Butremember, its not a guarantee that he will perform quality work. You cant beeasily trusting a new business, and they might end up wrecking everything foryou. For more accuracy you can even go around in the neighborhood and ask aboutthe contractor.You can get in touch with the people who have already have had experience withthe contractor toget additional information on the history of the contractor. By giving thecontractor a smaller project you can even start . If you are satisfied with hisproject management and technical skills, you can move on to something larger.

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Do You Have a License?

Different cities and states have different requirements for licenses.You should make sure that your contractors have gone through all legalprocedures. And they have obtained a license or certificate relevant to theirfield. For example, you would not like to hire a carpenter with a license inroof fixing. Having just a business license alone is not sufficient. It allowsindividuals to engage in business, but it does not mean that they are licensedcontractors.

Do you Have Firsthand Experience Related to These Types Of Projects?

It is really important to know what kind of projects your contractorspecializes in. It will make it easier to determine whether he is the rightcandidate for your project. As house renovation happens once in a blue moon,you should make sure that you are choosing the right one. You would not want adisaster to happen after all. After a complete evaluation, you should be ableto know if the company can keep up with your demands. Some contractors are goodwith small scale projects, e.g., kitchen and bath renovations, while some withbig scale projects.

Who Can I Contact During the Project?

Communication is a core component for perfect results. You would want theprocess to go smoothly, and for that, you need to assign clear roles. That’swhy you should always demand a designated contact person during the wholeprocess. This way, you will be able to address your issues more quickly. Itwill also help you to stay aware of the whole project’s progress. Smooth communicationwill make sure that everything is happening just the way you wanted it.

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Do you Have Insurance?

It is really important to be sure that your contractor is insured. As you’re the one paying,you can even ask him for his insurance certificate. Contractors should haveboth worker’s compensation and liability insurance precisely for the job theyare performing. By looking at the contract, you will be at rest that you won’tbe liable in case of accidents at the workplace. If your contractor isn’tinsured, you might end up paying for any injuries. Make sure that you arehiring the right person for the job.

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How Do We Clear Any Misunderstandings?

It is normal to make mistakes or have disagreements between contractorsand homeowners. But the question here is, how does he handle the situation? Youcan ask your contractor about his prior experiences and how he dealt with it.This way, you will have an idea about how he handles disputes. If thecontractor admits to having a dispute or two doesn’t mean he isn’t qualified.As long as he handed it respectfully, he’s good to go. Remember, yourcontractors are human too, and they can make mistakes. But allow him to fix itfor you.

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What Would be my Estimated Budget?

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It is a very tough question when we talk about small scale projects, eg.Renovations. Your contractor should not be asking too much money upfront. Awell-established contracting business will have the finances to start yourproject on their own. If you give your contractor too much upfront, there arepossibilities that they leave your project unfinished.

Who will be Supervising The Site?

During the process, it is necessary to ask your contractorwho will be the responsible person for subcontractors. It is important to knowwho will work on the site and how they will work. Knowing who will work and howwill they manage will make you safer and at ease while choosing the contractor.It will give you an idea about the management skills of the company.

Finding the right contractor can be a hustle. It requires a lot ofresearch and an uphill battle to find the right person for your project. Byasking a few straight forward questions, you can make the selection processmuch simpler for yourself. Communicating with the contractor is necessary sothat he knows what you really expect from him. I am sure you do not want yourhard-earned money to go down the drain.

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