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Glass Shower Doors

ASASA Constructions, with over ten years of combined experience, are ready to assist you in designing the perfect plan specifically tailored to meet your bathroom needs. Our vast selection of bathroom Vanity, Sink Faucets, Shower Faucets, Shower Glass Door, Toilet Seats, Tubs/Freestanding Tubs, Vanity Lights and Floor tiles are matched by unsurpassed customer service that includes real-time customer assistance and the most reasonable prices in the market. We look forward to meeting all the renovation needs for your bathroom and every other room in your home.


Switching up the vibe of any washroom is as simple as including a stylish and present-day bathroom vanity. ASASA conveys modern bathroom vanities in a wide exhibit of completions and sizes, making it simple to find the one that will end up being the point of convergence of your washroom. Selecting the correct vanity for your bathroom plays a significant role in the overall look of your bathroom. While selecting from our huge variety of bathroom vanity focus on the following:


Measure the accessible space in your bathroom to figure out which size of vanity the room can oblige. Small bathroom vanities are designed to have more space.


Bathroom vanities range in style from ultra-conventional to smooth and current. Consider the capacity of your washroom to decide if you're searching for solitary bathroom vanity or double bathroom vanity.


The shade of your piece goes far to decide the style of your room. Wood bathroom vanities arrive in a full scope of conventional completion and stain alternatives, including fresh white, beige, rich earthy colored, profound dark, and numerous others. Consider the shading that would best improve your plan. White bathroom vanity goes with most modern themes.

Sink Faucets

Supplanting restroom installations like bathroom sink faucets is a little change that can enormously upgrade the vibe of your washroom. Bathroom sink faucets are accessible in a variety of styles like pull out faucet and single handle bathroom faucet and finishes like bronze or steel and estimated to suit any financial plan. On account of a total restroom redesign or new home, you will have the adaptability to pick different installations dependent on your fixture.

Consider the accompanying while choosing your bathroom sink faucets:

• Size of sink and area of the openings

• Function, style, and finish

• Number and sort of handles

Shower Faucets

ASASA offers the best shower head and shower faucet for your restroom. With an assortment of setups, highlights, and styles to look over, tub and shower faucets can be the ideal final detail to your restroom's plan.

If you are supplanting an old tub or shower faucet, the style will generally rely upon your past fixture design. Select a faucet that supplements different apparatuses in your restroom and is reliable with the general subject and plan of your home. For low-maintenance, search for matte shower faucets and additionally fixtures with lifetime guarantees on the completion. Matte won't show water checks and fingerprints as effectively as cleaned completions, and lifetime guarantees will ensure the shower faucet won't consume, discolor or stain.

Glass Shower Doors  

We offer a full line of custom Glass Shower Doors and Enclosures, including smooth Frameless Glass Shower doors in addition to Bathtub Sliding Doors, Bathtub and Shower Screens, and bathroom glass door. We work with you to make the shower you had always wanted while guaranteeing that your tweaked plan highlights a top-quality structure for enduring magnificence and sturdiness.


With ASASA, you have your choice of endless options for your shower plan. You pick the style, the equipment, and your unique look from smooth contemporary to generally exemplary and anything in the middle. Regardless of whether you know what you need or need a little assistance en route, our group will be glad to help you with the proposals and thoughts that you have to get the shower style that you want. With our high-quality bath door glass, your bathroom will look luxurious and stylish.

Toilet Seats

ASASA Constructions offer a wide range of toilet seats that replaces your old, exhausting, and plain seats at home. Browse various shaded and designed plans that add energy to your washroom. Or on the other hand, why not include an advanced touch with the sensor control seat for contact-free open and close activity. Locate the correct toilet size and stature for your restroom.
Whether you're redesigning a whole washroom or essentially supplanting an old or broken toilet, ASASA conveys a wide scope of models to browse through. We offer specially designed toilet seats for the handicap that are comfortable and stylish. Our wooden toilet seat collection consists of multiple exotic kinds of wood and wood-like laminates that gives your bathroom a classic old look


When purchasing a toilet seat, go for toilet bidet seats as this innovation is making them more agreeable, productive, and eco-accommodating than ever before. With a wide scope of styles and shadings to browse, choosing a toilet that supplements your washroom is simple. Whether you favor conventional or a cutting edge plan, our broad collection makes it simple to locate the ideal toilet.

When choosing a toilet seat for your bathroom, keep the following things in mind.
1. Pick the right Bowl Height

  • high or moderate
2. Choose Bowl Shape

  • Round Front- Ideal for modest spaces.
  • Stretched-Gives additionally living room and expanded solace.
3. Pick Flush Maintenance.

  • Measure a toilet's capacity to eliminate mass waste.
  • Higher evaluations mean better waste expulsion and better obstruct opposition..
4. Choose Water Efficiency.

  • Flush with 6 liters of water or less while keeping up great flush execution
  • Save water and cash by buying a toilet with a more proficient flush.

Tubs/Freestanding Tubs

The correct bath has a method of changing any washroom into an unwinding and remedial retreat in your home. ASASA Constructions conveys a wide scope of bathtubs & freestanding bathtubs to browse in styles and completes that hoist your washroom plan.
Baths and whirlpools arrive in a wide cluster of sizes and styles from which to pick. Understanding the advantages of every bath configuration will assist you with figuring out which one settles on the ideal decision for any washroom in your home.
Hook foot Tubs: This customary plan adds captivating style to vintage homes and new development homes the same. They look stylish when matched with floor-mounted faucets and make an ageless alternative for the main washroom.


Freestanding Tubs: Make a striking style articulation in your restroom by choosing a freestanding bathtub with a shower. These tubs are accessible in a wide exhibit of sizes, shapes, and completes from which to pick.
Whirlpool Tubs: These profound, loosening up tubs utilize the intensity of planes to loosen up muscles and make a spa-like encounter. These splashing tubs habitually offer formed loungers intended to upgrade comfort.
Corner Tubs: These three-sided tubs settle into a corner and are habitually huge enough to oblige two individuals.
Tub Shower: When you have a washroom short on space, tub and shower blends give the most flexible plan in a conservative space.

Vanity Lights

ASASA Constructions accepts that the best quality washroom lighting is one-time speculation that ought to be chosen with joy and showed proudly. When you buy from our wide choice of washroom light apparatuses and bathroom vanity lights, you can be guaranteed of the highest quality in design, material, development, and finish.
When changing the bathroom look, the best option is bathroom lighting, specifically vanity lights. With our high-quality vanity lights with mirror, your bathroom will be instantly transformed into a luxurious one. Additionally, the present complex washrooms request complicated light arrangements –, for example, a blend of vanity lights, restroom light bars, and roof lights. Specialists state you can never have an excessive amount of restroom lighting. A sufficiently bright shower relies upon a smart restroom lighting blend. Whether you are looking for fancy vanity lights or modern minimalistic, ASASA has got you covered.


Floor Tile

Floor tiles are profoundly tough, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic territories and rooms that are presented to dampness, for example, kitchens and bathrooms. They are, in general, bigger in size than divider tile, making it quicker to introduce them in a huge room. ASASA offers the best kind of bathroom floor tiles in Toronto.
The washroom regularly begins with Tile on the floor that stretches out up the field of the wall, making the whole territory water safe and predictable in appearance. This is particularly well known as a stroll in shower tiles. Tiles intended to reach out from the floor to the wall are medium in scale and come in different sizes, for example, rectangular and square tiles. They likewise arrive in a wide scope of tones, including dark tiles, blue tiles, and highly contrasting tiles.


Bathroom Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile is created of clay, making the completed item stain and water safe. These mainstream washroom tiles are expected for indoor utilize just and are a budget-friendly alternative for floors and walls. We have a vast array of bathroom ceramic tiles in different colors and tones.


Porcelain Tiles

Like ceramic, porcelain tile is stain-and dampness safe. They are more tough than ceramic, nonetheless, making them appropriate for both inside and outside applications. Our wide assortment of tones and surfaces accessible with porcelain tile makes it simple to discover one that organizes with your current stylistic layout.







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