Window Replacement Project

Project Detail

Window Replacement Project

ASASA Construction has become a renowned name in GTA for Best Remodeling and Renovation Services. We are a Licensed and Insured company with a highly professional and experienced team. The scope of our renovation and remodeling service ranges from commercial to residential purposes. We have been contacted by our regular client to replace the basement window. In this project description, you will get to know about the complete process of the window replacement.



Initially, the site was visited by our team and the requirements were gathered from the client in detail from the type of window to the size. We presented multiple samples to the client and finalized the window matching all the specifications.

Cost Estimate

After gathering all the requirements, we provided a FREE Cost Estimation to the client. It contained all the details of the budget of the project including the cost of the window and service charges.

Demolishing for Window Opening

As the size of the old window was smaller compare to the new window, so we had to cut the wall to make a slot. The new window was placed on the wall to get the measurements for cutting and an outline was made by marking a boundary. You can see the slot we made for the window in the photo:

Installation of  New Windows

The final task was to install the new window. We adjusted the frame in the slot precisely and it was fixed firmly to the wall. Then the window was put into the frame and was screwed tightly. After installation, we sealed the window for waterproofing, and the working of the sliders was checked. When we got confirmation that everything is fine, we presented the product to the client and got great feedback from him. You can see the final look of the window below: