Custom White Kitchen Renovation in Vaughan

Project Detail

Custom White Kitchen Renovation in Vaughan

ASASA Construction is honored to present to you our latest custom white kitchen renovation in Vaughan. Our adrenaline rushed when we finally got this project.

Project Detail

Our team was looking forward to the best of their skills. We started with a kitchen renovation. The moment we saw this kitchen, we knew that it deserves something special to compliment it, and we were completely prepared to turn it into something functional and budget-friendly. The owners had a limited budget, so we had to shop for the most economical but sleek products.

Removal of Cabinets

After we decided everything, it was time to start renovating. The team was excited to work on this project. It was time to show the best of our skills and give them something unforgettable. Our carpenter displayed the best of his abilities and started removing the cabinets making sure that he does not damage the drywall behind. It was a little time consuming because we wanted to make sure that we make no mistake.

Removal of Pot lights

After that is was time to remove the old pot lights. We slowly pulled off the old pot lights. We checked the old wiring, and it was damaged from different places. Keeping the safety of the owners in our minds, we decided to change the wires. Faulty wiring can cause some severe damage in the later run.

Placement of Custom White Kitchen Cabinets

The homeowners were a young couple with a kid, and they wanted something elegant and contemporary at the same time to suit their aesthetics. So we decided to go for white as the base color. The owners quickly agreed on the idea. We then went on to install the custom white kitchen cabinets. Our carpenter assembled the cabinets on the spot, and after correctly putting everything together, we started to fit the cabinets on the drywall. Finally, after completing the cabinets, we installed the under cabinet lights to enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen.

It was a lengthy process, but we made sure that the cabinets are correctly fitted and aligned. If you are looking for customized kitchen cabinet installation, we got your back. We are the prime experts in Customized kitchen cabinets.

Customized Quartz Countertop with Extended Office Table

For enhancing the appeal of the kitchen, we decided to go for a custom white kitchen countertop with an extended office table. It is the latest trend that been making rounds everywhere. It gives an added comfort to the people who work from home and have to spend the most time in their kitchen. The table was customized as per the client’s requirement as she wanted to utilize the cooking time productively. We had to make sure that the countertop is correctly fitted and in place. Owners had a lot of hopes, and that build a constant pressure.

Customized White Quartz Backsplash

To step up the kitchen game, we installed a customized white quartz backsplash using the same material as the countertop was added. A matching backsplash is indeed an expensive addition. This addition is sure to make your guests jaw-drop. It turned it into a one of a kind and yet elegant kitchen.