Custom Study Room Conversion

Project Detail

Custom Study Room Conversion

We received a challenging job offer from one of our clients for converting a small room into a custom study room for their kid. To be honest, when our team arrived at the site, it appeared to be a bit of a test because of the small size room available. The main objective of the project was to increase the storage capability of the place through our innovation, and we don’t shy away from tough circumstances, so we took up the challenge. We asked the clients to give us all his requirements in detail and how much storage he wants. After gathering all the requirements, we devised a plan considering all the options available.


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Ideas Shared for Custom Study Room

Our team presented a lot of ideas and options that can be helpful in getting the desired results. Our client was pretty impressed by our professionalism and also loved the ideas, so finally, he gave us a green light to go ahead. Initially, we built a 3D visualization design of the whole project based on our plans and showed it to our client.

Installation of Window & Custom Cabinets

Our team started by replacing the window and we installed a horizontal slider window so that the sunlight passes through all day. Then we moved onto installing drawers and custom cabinet. Considering the limited area available, we decided to opt for multiple sections in the cabinet to enhance the storage space. That’s how the place looked like in the initial phase of the project.


We gave the cabinets black quartz covering after approval from the client. Right after completion of cabinet installation, we placed drawers with ample enough depth to facilitate accommodation. We installed a set of three drawers and gave black quartz countertops to them as well to keep the harmony in appearance. As we were told to leave some room for the study chair, so we did that by leaving a leg space between the cabinet and drawers.

Extended Storage Capacity

Then came the toughest task to extend the storage capacity further. Our super professional team came up with an ingenious idea of incorporating vertically elongated shelves on both sides of the cabinet. The client was also shown the design during the 3D visualization presentation. Both shelves had five sections each to maximum storage, and their color was coordinated with the rest of the setup.

After their installation, our team gave the final touches and ensured the finishes are done up to the standards of ASASA Construction’s level. That’s how the Study room looked like after completion.

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