Project Detail of Kitchen Renovation & Basement Finishing

Project Detail

Project Detail of Kitchen Renovation & Basement Finishing


ASASA Construction is honored to present to you our latest kitchen renovation and basement finishing project in Mississauga. We were pretty excited to ace this project. Our team was yet braced up for another adventure and geared up to enter the war zone. We started with a kitchen renovation. The moment we saw this kitchen, we knew that it requires something different to compliment it, and we were completely prepared to turn it into something functional and budget-friendly. The owners had a limited budget, so we had to shop for the most economical but sleek products.

Removal of Old Cabinets 

Our carpenter showed the best of their skills and was able to successfully pull off all the old cabinets without damaging the walls behind. We safely removed all the old pot lights to replace the wiring and install new units. The homeowner was an old couple who were really into the traditional classical look. We decided to choose a grey kitchen with a granite countertop to top it off. With some talk with the client and they insisted on going for custom kitchen cabinets. We wanted the cabinets to be correctly fitted and aligned.

Plumbing and Electric Services

Now it was time for plumbing. We had to redo all the plumbing because we had to move the sink away from the old place. The owners wanted the sink to be somewhere in the corner. Now it was time to place the new stove and the microwave oven. As the stove was electric, it required a socket. We had to do all the rewiring and make a connection and had to rewire. We had to assure that the wiring is safe and does not short circuit. Our experts did a perfect job during the installation process. The owners were with us through the whole process and expressed excitement after they saw the cabinets. The smile on their face was our trophy to success. Our team stayed highly motivated throughout the entire project and tackled everything professionally.

Kitchen Renovation:

Cabinet Installation

The cabinets perfectly complemented the silvery refrigerator, the stove, and the microwave. The cabinets also blended perfectly with the quartz countertop, which proved to be a hit. To step up the kitchen game, we installed a greyish stone backsplash that added to the beauty of this simple yet elegant kitchen.

After carefully examining the waterlines for any damages and leakages, our team proceeded to install the sink.

Installing Fixtures

The electricians sleekly installed the pot lights and redid the wiring all over, making sure that the pot lights are correctly working. Pot lights prove to be energy efficient, providing sufficient light and pocket-friendly. Kitchen renovation contractors in Mississauga strongly believe that efficient lighting plays a vital role in the display of your kitchen. Again we wanted the lighting to be economical and electric friendly, so we went for the pot lights. We redid the wiring, making sure that there are no short circuits.

Kitchen Floor

Now it was time to go all ninjas on the kitchen floor. Our experts made sure that they are slow and steady when removing the old tiles assure the safety of the lower floor. Once the tiles were finally peeled off, we moved further and started to add grout and place the new tiles one by one. Finally, the kitchen floor tile installation completed, and now it was time to wait for the grout to dry. The white tiles were an on spot match with grey cabinets, backsplash, and the appliances. Once we finally completed the kitchen, we took clients to take final reviews. It turns out that the clients are baffled by the design and that color scheme we tried to incorporate. They were overwhelmed by our professionalism and how we catered to the whole kitchen in a time-saving manner. Our Team’s skill set for kitchen renovation and basement finishing was an outclass match.

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Basement Finishing:

Removing the Old  Fixtures

The positive reviews pushed our morals even higher, and now it’s time for us to attack the basement and conquer it finally. We started with a partial basement renovation. Remove all the furniture, shelving, decorations, and other elements from the basement, taking them up the stairs and storing them elsewhere in the home.

Gutting the Basement

The gutting process is dirty and dusty and can cause damage to any items that remain in the basement. We emptied the basement before beginning to gut it. We Pry off trim, quarter-round, and other moldings on the bottoms and tops of the walls with a meddle bar if you plan to keep the walls intact. If you’re going to tear out the basement’s walls, do not remove the trim and molding separately.  The holes were knocked in the drywall using a hammer or sledgehammer. Next was that we pry individual sheets off the drywall away from studs. We used the utility knife simultaneously to cut stubborn areas of the drywall and then removed the old tiles. With the help of a scraper, we carefully remove each tile, making sure the sub-floor does not get damaged. Our team assured us that the sub-floor is leveled.


After the complete gut of the basement, the first task was to paint the walls. We decided to go for the lighter tones to complement the wooden flooring. Our best choice was light brown. After some consultation from the clients, we were good to go. Our professionals painted the first quote and left it to dry. Now it was time for the ceiling. We removed all the old fixtures and the previous crown moldings and applied the new crown moldings while making sure that they are correctly fitted. Then the crew painted the ceiling, assuring that the color gets enough time to dry out.

Now the first layer of then paints already dried out, so we went for the second coat. After the walls were thoroughly dried, we start to go for the flooring. The owners were looking for wood. After going through plenty of options, we decided to go for the laminate flooring. Identical pieces were cut out, making sure that each part perfectly fits the other like a jigsaw puzzle. According to the basement flooring contractors, laminate wood tends to be long-lasting and economical. We made sure that the color scheme perfectly complements the rest of the basement, and we were successful.


After everything was completed, we finally gave the owners a walk through the basement. We could see the level of excitement they had. The customers were baffled by the hard work and efforts that team ASASA- the best basement renovation contractor in Mississauga put into this project. The owners were fully satisfied with the designs and color schemes that we incorporated.

We all had a good time during kitchen renovation and basement finishing process. The amount of love and understanding that were shown to us by the owners is just unforgettable. We enjoyed working together on every part. We hope to do more transformations for them in the future.