Complete Home Renovation in Warden

Project Detail

Complete Home Renovation in Warden

ASASA Construction is a highly reliable Licensed and Insured General Contractor based in GTA when it comes to home renovation. We have been providing the best residential and commercial remodeling and renovation services to clients all over GTA. Recently one of the regular clients from warden contacted us for a renovation of his entire house. In this Project Description, we will give you an insight into the development of the home renovation project.



First of all, our team visited the location to gather requirements from the client. The site was examined thoroughly to explore all the available options and possibilities. All the requirements of the client were noted down. Our professionals gave a FREE consultation to the client on all the matters that he was perplexed about and presented the most suitable recommendations. We also offered different samples of products and materials to be used in this home renovation project. The client was very pleased to get quality material at reasonable rates.

Free Quote and 3D Design Model

After gathering and finalizing the client’s requirements, we provided a free quote to the client. It contained all the financial details of the project from product cost to service charges. We also presented a 3D Design model to the client including the specifications of the final outcome. The client was thrilled to get both of these services as it helped him in budget allocation and visualizing the final look of the house.

Laminate Flooring

Our team selected laminate flooring for the entire house after the approval of the client. Firstly, we had to remove the floor tiles by using cutters. Our professionals were very cautious while cutting the tiles and grout to prevent any damage to the sub-floor. After removing the tiles effectively, we checked the leveling of the sub-floor, and the readings were not satisfactory. So, we applied the compound to prepare the sub-floor for lamination.

We gave ample time for the compound to dry completely and then started laid underlayment. Then we started placing the laminate boards. We cut the boards according to requirements using a saw cutter to ensure that all the pieces settle nicely. To cover the gaps between laminate boards and walls, we installed suitably sized trims so that the layout looks flawless. The floor after completion can be seen below:


For this home renovation project, we had to renovate two bathrooms of the house so we will discuss both separately.

Ground Floor Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation

Replacement of Shower and Installation of Bathtub

The Ground Floor Bathroom had to be restructured as adding a bathtub in place of standing shower needed an opening of space. After the demolition of the standing shower, we also took down the wall next to it to create more room for bathtub installation. You can see the picture during this phase:

We examined the surface of the wall and applied compounds for leveling. When the compound dried, we checked the leveling again and after confirmation proceeded further. We installed tiles on the bathtub walls and filled gaps with an appropriate quantity of grout. The mortar that we applied was also a balanced inconsistency to give better adhesion. We came up with an idea of installing a shower along with a bathtub and the client loved it, so we did so. Waterproofing and sealing were done efficiently. Our plumbers checked all the connections to ensure that everything was working fine.

Toilet and Sink Installation

We removed the toilet seat cautiously without inflicting any damages to the back wall and floor. Our plumber’s installed toilet seat after making sure that there are no leakages. We selected a ceramic sink with a black quartz countertop and off white vanity with multiple compartments for maximum storage. The faucet design was elegant and had compatibility with the sink. Installation of three hanging lights over the sink gave it a more dramatic look.

Floor Tiling and Wall Finishing

Our professionals prepared the sub-floor by leveling it. Then we started installing the tiles from the center to get an even layout. After installing the tiles, we moved onto the wall finishing. We examined the walls and ceiling in detail to point out the places with dings. Our professionals filled the dings and leveled the surfaces. The paint coats were applied evenly to yield a pleasant look for the walls. We also finished trims and doors.

You can see the final look of Ground Floor Bathroom in the photo below:

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First Floor Bathroom Renovation

After completing Ground Floor Bathroom, we stepped onto renovation of First Floor Bathroom.

Bathtub installation

  • We waterproofed the surface of the floor first before installing a bathtub. All the measurements were taken precisely to avoid any inconvenience and installed bathtub effectively. An elongated wall hanger next to the bathtub was also installed.

Wall Tiling and Finishing

The condition of the walls was not so good as there were seepage and dings all over. So, we scraped off the peeling paint from the walls and ceiling first. Then we applied fillers on the dings to even out the surface. The primer was applied on the wall to get a durable paint job and then we painted the walls. After painting the walls, we installed wall tiles. Finally, we sealed the tiles and the grout with a sealer. You can see the picture of this phase below:

Floor Tiling

After leveling and waterproofing the sub-floor, we started installing tiles. Our professionals estimated the midpoint of the floor first to ensure a uniform installation. The moisture content in the mortar was monitored to facilitate a strong bonding between tiles and the sub-floor. Gaps between the pieces of tiles were kept even by using a spacer and filled with grout. After grout settled, we washed and cleaned the tiles.

Toilet and Sink Installation:

After ensuring that the ground is perfectly leveled and waterproofed, we installed a toilet and a toilet paper holder. Then we moved onto the sink installation, and all measurements were taken initially for an accurate adjustment of the sink. After discussing several options with the client, we came to a consensus on the off-white granite countertop and wooden vanity with multiple storage compartments. The faucet design that we chose was also going perfectly with the sink. Lastly, we installed the wall mirror and two lights over it.

The First Floor Bathroom after renovation can be seen below: