Custom Optical store renovation in Kitchener(Completed in 11 business days)

Project Detail

ASASA construction is known to be one of the best commercial renovation contractors in Toronto. We bring you our latest Optical store renovation in Kitchener. We were pretty excited to ace this project. We wanted to give our best to this project. Our team was well prepared for another adventure and geared up to enter the warzone. The owners were pretty excited to have us over, and their excitement built pressure on the team. It was indeed a challenge to turn this place into something worth remembering. The team wanted to bring years of experience into good use and evolve this place into a dream shop. Our goal was to minimize the construction time and beat the odds. The complete renovation took 11 days with exceptional progress. ASASA constructions are known for our pioneer Commercial Renovation Services in Toronto. Keeping that in mind, we had to give something that makes the jaw drop. We wanted it to be sleek and simple yet visually appealing.

We also had to make sure that we do not exceed the client’s budget. The Commercial Renovation Cost in Toronto are high, but our connections with the leading vendors help us to lower the overall renovation costs. It saves our client’s a fortune, which means a happy clientele. After having a thorough discussion with our clients, we finally prepared to make a move. The first and most critical step was the Architecture of the building. 

Architectural Engineering Services

Our Architects have been working on various Healthcare, Retail, Commercial & Residential building design & drafting work for many Design & Build GC’s, Architects across the Globe. We had a good understanding of the Global codes; we delivered the design drawings and complied with the client’s specific drafting standard. We started with the architectural process as followed: 

Master Planning

We started by creating a master renovation plan. We kept in mind the needs of the owners and started to draft the plan. During the process, we made sure that we had constant communication with the clients in case we forget something. We wanted to assure you that the clients get what they are expecting. After careful planning, we moved ahead towards designing the place.

Concept Design

Now it was time to design the concept of the shop. As we were renovating an optical store, we had to make sure that space contains enough glass displays and showcases. We wanted to utilize the area to the fullest creating a sleek modern display while enhancing the aesthetics of the place. Again we followed the clients through the process. Communication assured that the client’s needs get carted as desired. The clients seem quite satisfied with what we offered them. They immediately gave us a thumbs-up, and this is the much-needed push we required. It boosted our morals even higher. 

Detail Design

After getting approval for the concept design, our architectures immediately started to work on the detailed design. It was one of the hardest parts we wanted the place to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as utilizing the space to the fullest, enhancing the visual appeal. We walked the clients through the whole process and kept them updated even about the minute details. We wanted to make sure that it turns out just the way they desire. Client satisfaction is all we care about after all. We wanted to make sure that the shop has an outstanding exterior that immediately grabs the attention of the viewer. We decided to go for the 3D decorative wall panels on the exterior to give it a more modern appeal. We decided to leave two windows that will provide the passers with an inside view of the shop.