Complete House Renovation Brimley

Project Detail

A Primary goal for the property holder was to create a visually pleasing design to augment and leverage the beautiful setting of the home.  Another objective was to include aspects of universal design to accommodate aging in place. ASASA Construction cater to all the requirements of the client perfectly.



At the start of the project, our team made a detailed survey of the whole place and consulted the clients to ensure that the requirements were fully met. The professionals made some analysis and presented it to the client. Moreover, our team management wrote down all the details so that there may not be any confusion at a later stage. The go-ahead was only given after the client was fully satisfied. Since ASASA Construction had a lot of choices for both designs and materials, we were able to give out multiple options. Our professional was able to give several suggestions and recommendations based on the demands and the budget of the client.

3D Design Modeling/Cost Estimation

After the material selection ended, we presented an interactive 3D design model to the client containing all the specifications of the final product. The client liked the appearance of the house, and we proceeded further after his approval. Our professionals also gave a FREE Quote of the project to the client. It contained all the financial details of the project, from material expenses to service charges. The client was quite captivated by our approach and gave us a thumbs up to move on.

Kitchen Renovation

Cupboard Replacement and Sink Installation

The first step was replacing the kitchen cabinets and cupboards with new ones. Our professionals removed the cupboards carefully to prevent any damage to the walls. We chose multi-sectioned cupboards and multiple drawers to provide more storage space in the kitchen. Our team selected brown cupboards and brown drawers with metal handles that complemented the countertop of the cabinet. We also replaced the sink with a new one. Our plumbers checked the waterlines for any leakages and performed the task efficiently. The classy elongated faucet design that we chose was also compatible with the ambiance of the kitchen and enhanced the look.

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Island Installation

The next step was to install the island. Our professionals chose the most fitting island for the kitchen with brown cabinets at the bottom and white quartz countertop on top of it. The kitchen island was installed with a sink and a classic metallic tap. We chose the countertop to give more sitting space to the island. The island countertop offered more space for cooking and sitting.


The wall over the cabinet was plain grey, which was giving a plain look. So, we flung out the idea of adding a backsplash on the wall, and the client agreed. A metallic grey and black pattern were recommended by us, and the client loved it, so we started the installation. Our professionals made sure that the tiles are installed with great detailing without any imperfections so that the outlook looks appealing. After installation, the backsplash looked flawless, and the metallic grey and black color-coordinated with the color scheme of the kitchen.

Appliances Installation

At last, we installed a refrigerator, range, and range hood. On the opposite wall, the carvings were done and led lights were beautifully placed in these to give it a more artistic look. Our workers checked if all the electrical connections were working properly and made adjustments wherever required.

Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom needed some substantial renovation. The first and foremost task was to remove the previous tiles and all the bathroom accessories. When the home was constructed, the bathroom was state of the art, as it had all the bells and whistles. However, it eventually became outdated. Water had also begun leaking through the pipes, which rotted the floors and the cabinet. The homeowners wanted to renovate their bathroom and increase their closet space as, before the renovation, the couple was sharing one closet.