Project Detail of Basement Finishing & Bathroom Addition Consultation

Project Detail

Project Detail of Basement Finishing & Bathroom Addition Consultation

ASASA presents you yet another project of Basement Finishing & Bathroom Addition. This time it was a basement, and the clients were excited to have us over. Our consultation manager sat and talked with the clients to have an idea of what they wanted. After a little brainstorming and some talk, we concluded that we would add another bathroom in the basement. After everything was finalized, we presented them with our proposal, which they loved. We finally got the good to go we were waiting for.

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Basement Finishing & Bathroom Addition Process

Starting Phase

Before we initiate the project, we made a list of materials that we required for the project. We also took the exact measurements of the basement to avoid any future issues. We had to avoid any complications that may arrive in the near future and give the best of our services to the client. After a through the war of words, we finally got approval from the client, we went to the local hardware store and gathered all the necessary supplies. We began with meticulously inspecting the basement before starting the basement finishing.

Removing the Fixtures

The first job was to scrape off the paint from the walls. We used a scraper to take off the paint as we wanted to change the color scheme. We had to make sure that we do not damage the sub walls while removing the wall panels. Next, we removed all the fixtures and also removed the old wiring that could be damaged, posing a danger to the people living in the house. The owners wanted to move their bathroom to a different location, so we had to create space for the bathroom, keeping in mind the functionality of the bathroom. We also removed the old lighting fixtures, which badly needed replacement. Throughout the process, we made sure that the things that can be reused don’t get damaged.

After carefully examining the waterlines for any damages and leakages, our team proceeded to install the sink.

Beam Installation

The primary purpose was to keep it spacious and classy. Now it was time for us to pout the joists for the support. The beams were a little longer than the measurements of the basement and needed to be cut down a bit. We used a metal chop saw to cut down all the unnecessary parts. After making sure that they matched our measurements, they were ready to be placed. We used small screws to put the beams together. It was now time to put the insulation, and after successfully installing the insulation, we started to put the pieces of drywall that we bought from the hardware store. Remember that the layers of insulation depend solely on the area and the weather conditions.

Drywall Installation

We used a regular drill machine and screws to attach the drywall. The next task was to replace the window. We used the grout to close the previous window opening, and we waited for it to dry meanwhile we carved another opening for the new window. While the whole team was exhausted, our client was kind enough to offer all of us a few cold drinks. She appreciated our hard work. We gave her a brief overview of what we have already completed and what was left. She couldn’t stop praising us for the efforts we are putting in for this project.

Bathroom Renovation

Now it was time to work on the toilet that I mentioned earlier. It was a small bathroom, and adding maximum functionality with classiness was more robust than we thought, but our experts brainstormed and managed to create wonder. We went for a minimal contemporary style. We sat and carved a design that was sure to elevate the guests, and we showed the design to the client for the final review, and to our surprise, the client was stunned to see a design that complimented the house the way it deserves. Immediately the client gave us a green signal, and we started working on the toilet.

Initially, we removed the tiles from the toilet use a scraper and the knife to remove the tiles one by one. If you are a newbie, then there’s a high chance that you will end up damaging most of your tiles. Be careful while doing this; you might end up injuring yourself. Usually, removing the first tile is then hardest. Use a knife and a scraper safely. We leveled the floor and took measurements to ensure that it perfectly leveled. After that, we started placing the tiles using the grout mixture that we prepared. After every tile was in place we gave it ample time to dry.

We showed a variety of vanity designs to our client, and we agreed on a simple but sleek vanity. We installed a custom made vanity that made this bathroom shine like a star. The cabinets in the vanity provided sufficient space for the toiletries. We also installed a white toilet seat that enhanced the whole appearance blending it perfectly with vanity.

Renovating this small bathroom was a challenge, but we were motivated to accomplish this challenge. The clients wanted a glass shower enclosure, which was a hard bet. With some brainstorming, we came to an idea that was immediately approved by the owner. We decided to keep the shower enclosure in the corner, leaving ample space for people to move around easily. For the shower was used a grey shower head as this color can make then the bathroom look more spacious. We even installed a DIY mirror to give it a more enhanced look. It’s really hard to find a reliable kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors in Toronto, visit our work portfolio to get a clear idea about our quality of services.


After we were done renovating, we gave the client a surprise visit to her newly transformed basement. She couldn’t hold herself from screaming with joy. Her happiness was the award for our extended hard work and our team’s tireless efforts. Without our core team, it wouldn’t have been possible. The client ended up giving us a positive review, which helped us in boosting our morals to the next level. The client assured us that she would definitely contact us for any future renovations, and she highly recommended our services to her family and friends.

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