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    Custom Millwork & Casework-Let’s Discuss the Differences

    What is Millwork? Millwork is any type of woodwork that can be produced in a mill and custom millwork is a unique design created according to specific requirements in a mill. It includes moldings, trim, flooring, crown molding, and wall paneling. Source: Pinterest Millwork, as the name portrays, is produced in a mill. Flooring and moldings are often produced in mills, so they are called millwork. Millwork might also include decorative products such as door casings a ...

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    Custom Millwork: A Detailed Guide

    If you have ever built a house or handled key remodeling projects, the term custom millwork must be familiar, and you must have heard it from your commercial and residential renovation contractor in Toronto We often hear from confused homeowners asking about what millwork is. So let’s have a look at what it is. Millwork refers to the stuff traditionally produced in a mill. Products such as basin trim, interior doors, crown moldings, door frames, window casings, wood paneling ...

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    Millwork and Wainscoting Ideas

    What is wainscoting? According to the commercial renovation contractors in Toronto the two most common interior wall materials are gypsum wallboard, usually referred to as drywall or gyp board, and plaster. You can also use wood as both paneling and wainscoting. Drywall panels get used in most of the walls built during the last five decades. These panels consist of a layer of gypsum sandwiched between heavy paper facings. But conventional walls are boring, blank surfaces. That is where wainsc ...

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