What Is The Average Cost Of A Kitchen Renovation In Canada?

What Is The Average Cost Of A Kitchen Renovation In Canada?


What Is The Average Cost Of A Kitchen Renovation In Canada?

Do you want Kitchen renovation? You're undoubtedly curious as to how much it will cost. A new kitchen is a significant investment and a place that sees much traffic, so you do everything perfectly the first time.


When a kitchen becomes outdated, it's only a matter of time until you consider renovating it. In general, it can make significant and minor changes in the kitchen. Remodeling, wall removal, floor changes, and complete kitchen renovation, including cabinets, appliances, counters, and backsplash, are most common. 


Kitchen renovation is among the most profitable home improvement projects you can undertake (ROI). According to the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC), a kitchen renovation would increase the value of your property and provide you with a return on investment of 75 to 100 percent. It is something to keep in mind as you plan your budget.


If you're searching for a rough estimate, expect to spend anywhere between $18,000 to $60,000+. The size, materials you use for the kitchen, and, yes, your location all affect the cost of your project. Assuming that a new kitchen does not contain new equipment, the following is what our customers typically pay:


Greater Toronto Area (GTA)


23 000$ +


27 000$ +

Standard custom

32 000$ +


47 500$ +


57 500$ +


72 000$ +


 Many factors, including but not limited to the type of work to be done, the required labor, the needed materials, the protective measures, the length of the project (faster=higher cost), and contingencies, can impact the total cost of renovations.

COVID-19's Impact On The Construction And Renovation Industries

Keep in mind that some COVID-19-related unanticipated events may have an immediate impact on the cost of kitchen renovation projects. Since the initial shutdown, for example, the industry has faced a treated lumber shortage, resulting in enormous price fluctuations. Other building materials are likely to have similar problems. Please read our article Construction Site Health and Safety During COVID-19 for more details.

Average Cost

The entire cost of a kitchen renovation can be determined by some criteria, including the size of the area, the quality of the materials used, and whether or not the layout is changed. A kitchen makeover costs around $30,944 on average, or $195 per square foot. Homeowners report spending between $16,402 and $45,618 per square foot ($97 to $326).


Painting walls, refacing cabinets, improving the sink, and installing a new tile backsplash are examples of smaller projects that cost between $13,049 and $19,574. Custom cabinets, hardwood floors, granite counters, & high-end appliances may include a kitchen renovation that costs more than $40,000.


Kitchen renovations should cost between 5% and 15% of your home's worth, according to industry experts.


You must first establish a budget before planning your kitchen renovation. A budget can help you figure out how much you can do, what materials you can buy, how much renovation expert assistance you'll need, and what the finished result will look like. Going on without a budget could leave your project unfinished or force you to go into debt to complete it.


You can expect to spend around the following amounts, depending on the scope of your renovation:

  •         Minor: $13,000 to $19,000
  •         Mid-range: $20,000 to $39,000
  •         Major: $40,000+

You must also allocate 15%-20% of your overall budget for any unexpected issues.

Budget for Kitchen Renovations

The National Kitchen & Bath Association estimates that your kitchen renovation costs will be as follows:


Element of Project

Percent of Budget

The breakdown for Average renovation

Design fees






Appliances & ventilation



Cabinetry & hardware












Doors & windows



Walls & ceilings



Faucets & plumbing







 * Note that all figures are estimates, and what you'll wind up paying is determined by various factors. This chart must only use for reference to give you an idea of what to expect.


Money-Saving Ideas

If people have a limited budget but need to renovate, try these suggestions for cost-cutting ideas.


Custom options 

Cabinets might consume nearly 30% of the total budget. Rather than ordering personalized items, you can save money by using stock items. Consider repainting or refacing your existing cabinets to save even more money.

Stage-by-Stage Renovation

You can divide the tasks into phases and renovate one at a time, so people only have to set aside money for one task at a time. Decide what must do immediately and what can wait.

Only Make Modifications That Are Really Essential.

You do not need to complete all of the tasks, and you can replace the materials and equipment that are in desperate need of replacement. Without redesigning your kitchen completely, quick changes can give it a new look.


Labor Cost

Kitchen renovations necessitate the assistance of numerous trades. The fees for some of the most typical home service professionals you'll encounter during your project are listed here.


Not every kitchen renovation service necessitates the need of an architect, but if you're planning on changing the layout of your kitchen structurally, you'll need to hire one. Architects typically bill by the hour, ranging from $130 to $163 per hour. If they merely supervise the project, they may charge a percentage of the entire cost. It is why establishing a budget ahead of time will assist you in determining whether you can afford an architect to create a new layout or remove walls.

Designer of Kitchens

If your project isn't large enough for an architect, it may require a kitchen designer. Kitchen designers can assist you in planning your renovation and achieving the desired aesthetic. They may charge a one-time consulting fee, but because they will be managing the entire project, they are customary to blame a percentage of the total remodeling cost. You may anticipate paying around $326, or 10% to 20% of the entire project cost, for a one-time consultation.

Contractor in Charge

You can avoid hiring a designer and instead hire a general contractor to oversee your project if you aren't as concerned with creating a certain aesthetic or if you already have a style in mind. It's a brilliant idea to engage a general contractor to oversee your project because they'll work closely with the other professions you've hired (electrician, plumber, and carpenter). General contractors typically charge 10% to 20% of the overall project cost because they manage the project.


Many homeowners are unaware that their kitchen makeover will almost certainly necessitate the assistance of a plumber. Ideally, your general contractor will have a trustworthy plumber on hand, so you won't have to look for one. Plumbers charge per hour, usually $84-115, plus materials.


You may also need the assistance of an electrician, particularly if you are rearranging the layout and may need new outlets or lighting fixtures. Likewise, electricians are paid by the hour, with rates ranging from $84 to $115 plus materials.


If you want new cabinets built, you'll almost certainly need to engage a carpenter. Carpenters charge an hourly rate of $90 plus materials.

Sized-Based Pricing

The size of your kitchen will significantly impact your total costs. The usual spend margins for various sizes and the factors that influence those expenses are listed below.

 Size (Square Feet)

 Average Cost


   Small (<70)



  Medium (100-150)



  Large (200+)


Costs Of Kitchen Renovations In Small Kitchens And Condo

A small kitchen might cost anywhere from $6,500 to $26,000, depending on what you choose to add. Minor can be defined as an area of less than 70 square feet.

10x10 Cost of Kitchen Renovation 

A 100 square foot kitchen is considered "middle-sized," and you should expect to spend between $19,500 and $52,000 to refurbish it.

Costs of Kitchen Renovations 12x12

It is about the same size as a typical kitchen, between 150 and 175 square feet. A kitchen renovation of this size should cost between $26,000 and $52,000.

Costs of a Large Kitchen Renovation

A large kitchen is at least 200 square feet. Extensive kitchen renovations typically cost between $40,000 and $78,000, and renovations of this caliber can easily exceed $100,000.

The Costs of Common Elements

Here are some of the components of a typical kitchen renovation, as well as their pricing based on modest, mid-range, or significant options:



Small Reno


Major Reno

Install an appliance

$130-$260 per appliance

$200-$400 per appliance

$520-$780+ per appliance

Install cabinets

$130-$260 per cabinet

$260-$390 per cabinet

$390-$650 per cabinet

Install countertops




Install flooring




Install a faucet

$162-$260 per faucet

$260-$390 per faucet

$300-$750+ per faucet

Install a sink




Backsplash installation




Painting / wallpaper





 Now that you have a clearer sense of what a kitchen makeover would cost, the next step is to find the best company of Kitchen Renovation Contractors in GTA for the project. With our Get A Quote function, ASASA construction makes it simple to do so. Visit ASASA construction, check what services you want then contact us. Begin your kitchen renovation today by contacting professionals.

Note* Your costs will vary depending on your project. Use these costs as a guideline when planning your next project.

What makes Toronto more expensive?

Everything in Toronto is expensive, and the renovation sector isn't immune to this reality. At the same time, a renovation will increase the value of your home, so the extra cost has a silver lining.



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