Basement Renovation Ideas & Tips on a Budget

It is the livable square footage that significantly drives a home’s valuation, but what if the budget does not allow for an addition? Basement Renovation is one of the great ways to increase living space while not going over the budget. Renovation companies in Toronto believe basements are vulnerable to structural stresses and moisture problems, so you must not scrimp on materials or technology. Fortunately, plenty of new-generation materials exist that can add value over the life of the home and ensure you don’t get callbacks in the future.

A basement can expose all sorts of deal breakers for the potential buyers, from foundation cracks and stale smells to code-breaking utility installations and improper wall support. Issues like these could send the visitors running out the door instead of applying for a credit application. But finishing a basement is no minor work. There are many moving parts, as it is the most unstable part of a home because of humidity and moisture.

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Add a Kitchen or a Laundry Room

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A wet bar or a mini kitchen in the basement makes entertaining much more comfortable. The inclusion of the mini kitchen turns a basement with a bed and bath into a sleek guest suite. A kitchen needs access to the hot and cold water, as well as electrical outlets for an under-counter refrigerator, a microwave oven, small countertop appliances, and possibly a tiny dishwasher or dishwasher drawer. A laundry room is an excellent idea in the basement, but it requires a floor drain and also accesses to an outside wall to vent the dryer. Adding a kitchen is a brilliant idea if you are planning for basement renovation.

Do not Build Directly on Concrete Slabs

Extreme weather conditions have increased, which also means a higher number of flooded basements. Most homeowners are taking precautionary measures to deal with basement moisture.  A significant step to moisture prevention is air circulation, which minimizes unhealthy humidity and mildew. Ventilation options to consider including the natural ones (such as windows) and mechanical options using ducts, fans, and air vents. Breathable building materials should also be utilized, including a right subflooring product that enhances the airflow and allows the finished floor to raise off the concrete.

Vary the Lighting Choice

For the most exciting space, including several different types of lighting in your design plan. Start with some useful general illumination for times when you need a brightly lit room. Install a dimmer switch to control the lighting environment. Recessed lights, ceiling fixtures, and fluorescent “pillow” lights are a few core types of general lighting, says the basement contractors in Toronto. If you are worried about noise traveling upstairs, do not use the recessed can lights.

Plan the Windows and Doors

Enlarging or adding basement windows and adding exterior doors are jobs for an expert, but the resulting natural light and ventilation will highly enhance your enjoyment of your living space. To add below-ground windows, you will need to dig a window well. The retaining for the well might be constructed of masonry, limestone blocks, or treated landscape timbers, as in the window well. The terraced woods work as pot garden perches and also as the steps for an emergency exit.


Disguise the Bulkheads

One of the hardest aspects of a basement design is hiding all the mechanical elements that feed the rest of the house. We have all spent some time cursing the unsightly bulkheads, and while they are a necessary part, planning them out can be a bit of an art. Try to bury as much as you can within the walls and the ceilings, but make sense of the bulkheads you build by extending them wall-to-wall instead of constructing awkward boxes.

Finish Walls for  Welcoming Ambiance

Foundation walls generally consist of poured concrete or the stacked concrete blocks, materials that bolster the feeling of the basement as a secondary place. To give the basement main-floor a sleek style, try to cover the concrete with your preferred type of materials: drywall, plywood, paneling, or paint.

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Finish Basement Ceilings

You have three basic basement ceiling choices when refinishing the space. Conceal the joists, pipes, and ductwork with drywall or paneling, hide everything with a suspended or drop ceiling, or leave everything exposed and paint it with a sprayer. Drywall brings the polish of main-level rooms to the basement. Here, light gray paint adds depth to space and leaves a smooth finish.

Choose the Flooring Carefully

The reason we hardly see any real hardwood in basements, and it is because of the unstable humidity levels that expand and contract wooden elements beyond their engineered capacity. That makes laminate is a popular choice. It is economical and easy to install.  Wall-to-wall carpeting is the first thing that we remove in a renovation – except in basements. I prefer a beautiful plush carpet in the basement because it makes space comfier.

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Create a Storage Room

Most people are in love with a big basement storage room.  If we incorporate a storage room is that it does need to be finished as the rest of the basement, and it will save you the right amount on your finishing prices. Create simple storage racks made from 2x4s and 3/4 inch plywood. It will cost only a few hundred dollars, but prospective buyers will extremely welcome it.

Check Your Budget

Paint is the best economical option in a low-budget, especially when dealing with a dated wood-paneled basement that did not raise significant problems on the home inspection. Once you open up the walls, there is a chance that you will uncover more than you bargained for, and the possibility of exceeding the budget increases. If you do not have the budget to renovate extensively, then make it presentable until a future homeowner has enough resources to do so.

Installing Proper Egress Windows

One of the most critical aspects of those basement building rules we mentioned is egress windows. These basement windows both allow light in and also enable people to escape in case there is an emergency. A live-in basement needs these windows, so be prepared to expand existing windows and renovate your foundation to make room for them.

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Cork Makes a Great Basement Floor Covering

Choosing the material for a basement floor can be tricky. Carpet is warm and soft but inclined to moisture damage. Tile is suitable for areas that may get wet, but it is hard and cold underfoot. Still, there are limited options that strike a good bargain. Interlocking cork flooring is easy to install, sustainable, and warm underfoot. Assure that you buy top-quality cork flooring that has a durable, water-resistant core to prevent moisture damage.

Seal Around Pipes and Wires

Seal the tiny cracks around pipes and wires using special “red” high-temperature silicone caulk. Fill larger openings with flame-resistant expanding foam. Close openings around chimney flues or other larger openings by a sheet metal over them and seal the edges with caulk. Sealing between the basement and upper levels will help to prevent the spread of fire from the basement to upstairs. It will also save energy and to avoid sound transfer from the basement to the upstairs.

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Basement Renovation & Finishing Costs in Toronto

On average, a basement finishing would cost you anywhere between $40-$120 per square foot in the GTA. A 1,000 square feet basement might cost anywhere between $45,000-$125,000 depending on the materials and upgrades you choose for your house. This price should be including all the labor, materials, designs, and clean-up.

Basement Renovation & Finishing Costs in Mississauga

The average cost for basement renovation in Mississauga is $36-$58 per sq/ft. If you have a basement that is 1,000 square feet, you can expect to spend about $35,000 – $55,000 to renovate your complete basement.

A basement renovation can get exhausting and tricky. But if you follow the right steps, the turn rusty old basement can be transformed into a gem of a space. Hiring the right professional is a must of a gem of a basement. The basement finishing costs in Markham have drastically increased in recent days, but we offer the most affordable basement all over Markham.

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