Basement Renovation Cost In Canada

Basement Renovation Cost In Canada


Basement Renovation Cost In Canada

Renovating a basement is not an easy task. It requires a lot of research and hard work. Basement renovation will add up to the living space, but it comes with a cost. But don’t worry. I got some good news. Did you know? Renovating a basement in Toronto increases the resale value, and it is considered one of the best investments. Basement, in most cases, acts as a storage unit with all the broken materials and the junk stored there. Why not turn it into an investment worth making.

A fully renovated basement costs you a whopping $30000-$70000. The two key factors in basement renovation costs are how you intend to use the basement and the extent of renovations. The variations in the range occur due to the extent of work required. Adding a bedroom, kitchen, toilet, plumbing, and electrical works, and hiring a contractor is what adds up to the cost. The space of your basement will also affect the cost.

But don’t worry, ASASA caters all your needs in a reasonable amount, making it the most affordable basement renovation contractors in Mississauga.

Bathroom Installation

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Adding a bathroom is a great way to increase the rate of interest. It will not only increase the functionality of your basement but also increase the value of your home. Some important factors while budgeting is

Plumbing and Electrical Work:

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The bathroom should have a connection to the water supply and sewage system. The costs involved in this include hiring a plumber and making an opening for the lines if required. On average, in Mississauga, a plumber charges around $50-$100 per hour.

Flooring Cost

The main cost of flooring is just the flooring itself. The average cost of flooring varies between $2000-$3000. Did you know that flooring costs the cheapest in Brampton? Hardwood flooring can cost you around $6-$8/ sq ft topping the list for the most expensive flooring material. Tiles follow it at $5-$7/sq ft. Lamination and vinyl are the cheapest at $3.5-$5 and $2-$3, respectively.

Permit Cost

Keep in mind that everything included in the basement renovation job needs inspection and approval. It will include your electric, plumbing, and framing work. The costs of permits in Canada vary between $100-$4000 depending on the space and the type of work performed.

Introducing the Bedroom

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While renovating your basement, you might want to add a bedroom. Wondering why? First, it will give increase the resale value of your home. Second, it will make a great combination with the bathroom. The addition of a bedroom can be a bit pricy. Worried? Just chill because ASASA construction has made basement renovation in Brampton more economical than ever before. The average cost fluctuates between $70/ sq ft to $220/ sq ft.


Drywall is a must-to-do thing to any framed basement walls. Repeat the same with any additional walls of the bedroom. Standard 8’x4’ panel in Toronto may cost you anywhere between $9-$12 depending on its thickness. The installation of these panels can cost you around $2-$3/sq ft. The average cost of wall installation in Brampton ranges between $1500-$2500 depending on the size.

Carpet Flooring

Adding a carpet to your bedroom will give it an ethereal look. It’s a good way to separate your basement from your room. Waking up and putting your feet on something soft gives you a heavenly feel. The brighter side of adding a carpet is that its much cheaper than adding a hardwood floor. The average cost of adding a carpet in Canada assorts between $800-$2000, whereas adding a carpet in Brampton can cost you around $550-$1700.

Adding a Closet

You might want to consider adding a cupboard in your bedroom for all your fancy clothesA bedroom with a closet will vitally impact the home value. The cost to add a closet may cost you between $1000-$2000. The cost depends hugely on the size and the material used.

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What you will pay to Frame a Basement

Basement framing is one of the key components of basement renovation. Before you add any walls or flooring, make sure that your basement gets framed professionally. Framing an incomplete basement can get very costly. Size and number of walls can predict the exact cost of any project. Most homeowners in Canada pay around $1-$1.5/sq ft only for the material of framing alone. Framing an average basement renovation in Toronto can cost you around $1200-$2000.

Flooring Cost

Flooring offers you a wide variety of options ranging from tiles to wooden floors to carpets. Carpets are easy to install by any expert. The average cost that you should be paying to carpet your basement in Toronto varies between $25-$35/hour. Carpeting a basement takes lesser time than installing tiles. Tiles are also a little bit expensive, considering the material and labor costs. Tiles and carpets both offer an extensive range of colors and designs. Wooden floors, on the other hand, can get pretty expensive due to the high material and installation costs. You also want to consider the case that tiles and wooden flooring are easy to clean. Whereas carpet can attract dust particles, which means it gets dirty quickly.

Ceiling Cost

The market has to offer a bundle of cool ceiling designs. The ceiling can give your renovation a sleek look. With a little exploration, you can find the most affordable ceiling contractors around you. There are different types of ceiling from bulkhead ceiling to drop ceiling for you to choose. Drop ceilings costs in Toronto can go from $1.5-$4/sq ft. It depends on the minute details and how many bulkheads in a room. It is also dependent to some extent on the height of the ceiling.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing in Toronto can cost you a handsome amount. If you are looking into simple cracks, be ready to pour in around $1300-$1500. Major drainage works may cost somewhere between $2000-$6000. The total average costs oscillate between $300-$22000. If the cracks in your foundation need repairs, be sure to pull in an extra $400-$16000.  It solely depends on the size of the crack and the work and material it requires.

Basement renovations can cost a fortune, but with extensive research and vast knowledge, you can save yourself a significant amount of money. Renovation contractors in Mississauga, Toronto, and Scarborough are struggling to compete in this fast-paced era where innovations are evolving rapidly on an everyday basis. This competition means quality services at relatively lower prices. It gives you the advantage of negotiating a cracker deal.

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